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img_20200426_132913291We are the Goll family, Rob/高阳, Elyse /云虹, Elijah/天义 (2010), Isaiah/天成 (2014), Josiah/天为 (2018). We are a cross culture family team for 3rd Culture Living. (Read how we met across oceans or our Journey.) My husband, Rob, and I co-author the blog posts. Rob also takes care of the technical issues to keep the site running smoothly. We live in Strongsville, Ohio, United States. We enjoy family time, simple living, exploring the wonder of God’s work in nature and human life. We are learning, relearning or unlearning cultural expectations as we learn to live as citizens for the Kingdom above.

Interested to know more about what this site is about? Read “What is 3rd Culture Living” and “Why this Site“.

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