Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2022 September (GCNO & BSF)

The following are my rhyming notes from September 2022. They include notes from church and from BSF.

I enjoyed the review just now while typing my notes. Perhaps they can be a blessing and nice review for you as well.

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Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-04
Sunday School – Chris Pierre
Philemon 1:4-7 (Series: Prayers of Paul)

Philemon, a little letter, big issues does address
with Definite Identity: to, from, about and how to bless.

The culture wants to define you, to take on an identity group.
Philemon’s time the same, your identity determined your troup.

Paul was the highest, strictly a Pharisee.
Persecuting lower groups as all of the leaders could see.

To Paul, the Jews and Gentiles, they could not interact.
But here writing one a letter, with care, it broke this fact.

Philemon was a Gentile, successful, wealthy, free.
He was a slave owner, no Jews in his circle would there be.

Onesimus a slave, forced and oppressed
Not considered human, certainly not blessed.

A slave who ran away, who stole when he did leave.
This letter involves all three men: sent, about, received.

Who are you in this letter? What is your identity?
Do you identify yourself with Position, Power, Poverty?

One thing to remember, all in this world will end.
The earthly things all fade away, our identity should not bend.

We’re tempted to identify, in the world, ourselves and value.
These things will quickly pass away, they all will come out hollow.

A question of identity, relationships concern.
Where do I fit? Who is my friend? What do I need to learn?

Faithful Love can change the story, from hate to unity.
Jesus Christ brings all the love we seek, and so can set us free.

The faithful love of God, in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Whoever believes in him, is moved from death to life.

The Savior and Redeemer, Promise Keeper, Faithful Love.
He is not dependent on you, His love is pre chosen by God above.

Love not at first sight, but first thought is freely given.
Love given before any good or bad, this Father’s love is driven.

The world’s love is all dependent on the object being “loved”.
Is it useful, good and pleasing, or should it just be shoved?

The faithful Love of God, defines his people individually in Jesus Christ.
When Jesus appeared to Paul, his work’s a useless heist.

Jesus is the identity of Paul, now a prisoner in Rome.
He has given up his all, his identity, his home.

Philemon “beloved”, “brother”, “fellow worker”, family language being used.
“Refreshing”, he is serving his identity is renewed.

Onesimus, the runaway, now changed in his heart.
A “child” of Paul, now helpful, though useless at the start.

Onesimus now back, not a slave, but a brother.
All three still who they are, with one identity changed to another.

These men individually changed, and changed relationally with each other.
Philemon now serving, to each they are a brother.

In faith we’re sons of God, not only slave or free.
God sets us free by his great work, his love we can clearly see.

How does love show with my wife? Distant? Selfish? Ignored?
Am I giving of myself, that she will be adored?

Our heart longs to relate deeply, to be known and yet still loved.
This love comes through God’s people, and ultimately from above.

Our default in our flesh, is to love ourselves, the world.
Though we are faithless, he’s faithful, by his love we’re encircled.

If we don’t experience his love, we need to ask where we have gone.
He hasn’t moved. He is still there. He is the faithful one.

Philemon loves “all the saints”, now Paul sends him a test.
Can you forgive? As a brother embrace? To love like all the rest?

God please give me your love. This prayer I need to pray.
Help me Lord to love my wife, to “do” not only “say”.

Help us to love the Lord, with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
The means of this love, through our knowledge of God at length.

Jesus in his people. His work in all our life.
We have it all in him. We can love and not have strife.

Can Philemon love the slave? Is his faith in Jesus real?
In marriage relationships and more, it’s based on Jesus, not what we feel.

God created us, with longings in our heart:
Identity, Love, Fellowship, and from him to end from start.

He loves us, Gives identity, only in His Son.
Eternal Fellowship, his love is never done.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-04
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:1-6 (v. 5)

A basic theme of the epistle: if in glory, in sufferings we too must share.
The prophets also, how these could work together were confused and unaware.

If we follow in Christ’s purpose, with changed heart and mind.
We want to do the will of God, the world’s rejection we will find.

Not living for ourselves, but only for God’s will,
The world will hate, reject you. Their heart will be revealed.

The world it lives in darkness, they do not like the light.
Their deeds are all for evil, the light they want to fight.

If not physically beaten, all verbally abused.
Blasphemed and reviled, as crazy be excused.

The world’s rejection of the Christian, is truly culpable.
They will need to give account, to the judge who is able.

They judge falsely and harshly, their judgment will be true.
Let this be an encouragement, to stand faithful and true.

Psalm 37 reminds us, to stand firm and not to fret.
Don’t envy evil doers, to pass away is what they’ll get.

Do not be impatient. Wait for the Lord, to inherit the Land
The Lord laughs and slays the wicked, in him we truly stand.

In Christ we’ll stand, the evil judged. They will give account.
We’ll give to the Judge a reckoning, to report the full amount.

Every word that’s spoken. Every deed that’s done.
We’re all stewards of the life he gave, will give account of the life we’ve run.

Jude reminds of God’s judgment, of all our thoughts, deeds, and words.
The evil give account of all their blaspheming, that has ever been heard.

Keep the Creator’s commandments, our only call in life.
Anything outside of this, will cause judgment to bring strife.

Account will be given, to the one they have blasphemed.
His works are good, just, and right, not just as it seemed.

God knows everything, he knows what is true.
All will get what they have earned, this is what he’ll do.

The judge is standing at the door, the people do not know.
The judgement quickly coming, the time not long to go.

The end of all things is near. It’s standing at the door.
Today could be the day you go, our God to stand before.

All will give account, there are none who will escape.
The final white throne judgment, the mourning will be great.

No matter how high you are, how untouchable you seem,
God will know and judge, this is a common theme.

Those who are in Christ need not fear that day.
We’re already judged in Christ, freed from sin that way.

Fear we need not have. There is no fear in love.
As we are controlled by the Savior, we have peace from above.

Love is not that we Love God, but that he first loved us.
His Son the propitiation, giving life at his own loss.

We were under divine wrath, but Christ’s propitiation became.
Took on himself, the wrath of God, made us holy in him the same.

We then will live in service, in love and thankfulness be.
The judgment, wrath of God, we surely will not see.

Repent, you must repent. To turn away from sin,
Accept the gift, the death of Christ, he need not die again.

In Joel chapter two verse twelve, God calls people to repent.
Fasting, weeping, mourning, our whole life to be rent.

For our God is gracious, compassionate and good,
slow to anger, with loving kindness, follow him we should.

Any good in us, is all from God alone.
If we’re trying by our own strength, we will stand alone.

Am I desperate for his leading, his work and his power?
I call out for mercy, seek for him every hour.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-09-07
Kevin Williamson
Psalm 131 (Series: Psalms)

If you say you’re humble, can it really be?
This “humble” is a clear conscience, before the Lord of guilt be free.

David’s brother said he’s proud, when he left the sheep came down.
He waited on the Lord instead of killing Saul for the crown.

Not involved in great matters, not seeking a position that he can gain.
When we look at politicians, sexual corruption often their fame.

Not looking at things too profound for him, thinking highly of his own thoughts.
David stays where God has put, not beyond where God says he ought.

Like a weaned baby prefers food, over mother’s breast.
We need to be weaned from the world, and have peace and in God rest.

The work of weaning from the world, needs the work of the Word and Spirit.
How do we get weaned from the world, when we are living in it?

Seven steps to wean, from the Word this is what to do.
(1) Step one, be humble, depend on him, he’s faithful, this is true.

(2) Don’t aim too high, just walk with God, Don’t strive for all the world.
(3) Hunger for the word of God, Delight in what you’ve heard.

(4) Read God’s word consistently, precept, precept, grow.
This will calm and instruct us, as the Word of God we know.

(5) Be still, and know that God is God, Above him is no other.
(6) Pray and make requests of God, let his peace our lives to cover.

(7) Visit a cemetery, in the house of mourning know our end.
The people had their struggles in life, all that matters is where death did send.

At the end of the day, hope in the Lord, from now forever more.
Rest in God, seek his face, forever him adore.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-11
Sunday School – Chris Pierre
Genesis 49

Genesis in chunks, divided by the people.
The final has been “Jacob”, and the promises to Abram’s people.

The Abrahamic covenant, unconditional and unilateral.
Blessings of the land and nations and for all God’s people.

The father’s final words, looking at the setting.
In the Land of Goshen, on the promised land is betting.

The setting, chronological, when Joseph has returned.
Now sharing his last words, from all that he has learned.

The summons of Jacob’s final words, the calling of the sons.
With this call from an authority, everybody runs.

This is a group event, not time alone, a private blessing.
Everyone was there to hear, not one of them was missing.

The speech of Jacob’s final words, telling of the days to come.
Jacob, a prophet, tells the words that from God to him have come.

Two types of future prophecy: fulfilled and not yet done.
The fulfillment now completed, not in the last days to come.

This word of prophecy, also a word of blessings.
Some “blessings” seem a little strange, the “feel good” often missing.

When God blesses with salvation, it often starts with pain.
As we see our sin, and darkness, and break and repent again.

The blessing: they’re in the family, they are known by God.
Though hardships come, God is there, their lives are not slipshod.

Reuben: the firstborn, felled in his flesh, as God arranged
Son of Leah, the unloved, this having Reuben did not change.

The double portion of the first born, already to Joseph given.
His preeminence removed, in the flesh and for sex he had been livin’.

True blessing from God, gives life, reveals our sin.
Everyone already knew, he has slept with Bilhah, to make Leah like a wife again.

At the time of Reuben’s sin, this act had been ignored.
By bringing his sin to light, what has been hidden was restored.

Though the sin would bring difficulties, you are still my son.
The blessings given to Abraham, to you have just begun.

Chronicles 5:1-3, birthright from Reuben to Joseph passed.
Judah became leader. Reuben’s descendants unstable at the last.

In the history of Israel, not one important person came
no king, prophet, leader, they all wishy washy all the same.

No matter what our sin, our defiled minds and hearts
God calls his children his, and the work of redemption starts.

Don’t look down on Reuben, his sins and weakness see.
We too like him, have depth of sin, only Christ can set us free.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-11
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:1-6 (v. 6)

Not of this world, as called by Christ, we will suffer in this life.
Run with endurance the race before, with joy in all the trial and strife.

The world rejects, don’t set sights there.
Keep eyes on Christ and on his care.

We do God’s will, we’ll suffer much.
Do the Lord’s will, even in the crunch.

We will suffer the rejection of men,
They’re shocked we don’t follow our lusts again.

Necessary is our rejection in this world,
That from it’s binds we can be unfurled.

Explain/Apply these difficult texts.
Let’s start with Greek, on the words the truth rests.

Peter contrasts these two groups, unrepentant with believers too.
Live for the world, then give account. We’re judged by the world, when we live what’s true.

To world and self, we need to die,
to live for God, when life’s gone by.

“Preached to the dead”, what does this mean?
Spiritual? Physical? What does it seem?

To “Physically dead”, most do agree.
Heard, believed, now Christ do see.

Two purposes why the gospel preached.
Some to be judged, some hearts to be reached.

Those dead and gone, judged in the flesh.
Now with their Savior, they are blessed.

When you walk with God, the Gospel live,
Against the world, judgment will give.

We belong to him, live for his way.
Nothing to hide, fear, prove. Walk with him each day.

Live eternally or eternally judged.
God of the living, to eternal life he’s nudged.

The eternal value of the Gospel preached.
Glory, eternal, worth all to be reached.

The praise of the world, meaningless, all pass away.
What is the profit at the end of the day?

Eternity, we cannot grasp.
Heaven/Hell eternally last.

If we could know what this would mean.
We’d live all for him, not what is seen.

Two people’s hearts may seem the same.
In sacrifice we test their claim.

What are we willing to sacrifice?
Give all for God. Dead to what the world says is nice.

Content in loss of all we have,
Reputation, Health, and all our stuff.

Men’s praise or not, we do not care.
We walk with Christ, he’ll with us share.

Whoa to you, when men all speak
well of you, and your praise seek.

Seek the Lord, have no other care
He’ll provide our needs, his provision share.

The spiritual glory of the gospel know.
Under judgment we’ll never go.

Our God and King, our Shepherd Lord.
We know him, love him, he’ll be adored.

Our heart overflows with Love for God.
Delight in him his joy and his rod.

His yolk is easy, burden light.
Not hard drudgery, when we walk by his might.

When in his presence, we are free.
The joy beyond all that we can see.

The things of earth all fade away,
When we stand in his presence, that glorious day!

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-09-14
Daniel Pierre

Psalm 132 (Series: Psalms)

Familiar themes in Psalm One Thirty-two,
The Davidic Covenant, and Messiah too.

In Second Samuel Seven, David wants to build God a house,
God in turn promises to build David’s house.

Is this about Solomon? Is it about Christ?
To both it is “Yes”. God works it all out in his might.

David overwhelmed by the promises God made.
He points back to God and his glory and his shade

“Remember, Oh Lord, on Davids behalf”
Like Noah said then when people teased him and his “raft.”

Approaching the Lord should not be casually done
We approach him with reverence, not in jest or just for fun.

Israel had been waiting, to know where God would dwell.
David is urgent, to know where God would tell.

The place of the temple, God used David’s sin.
To number the people, and choose how God would discipline.

God stopped the plague, David set up an altar.
That, the place of the temple, God’s plans did not falter.

All through David’s reign he prepared for the day,
the spoil of the nations he set aside for the temple to be made.

How do we serve the Lord, in all we need to do?
Does he have all my time, heart and actions too?

Peace after righteousness always will follow
God gave them his sacrifice, on their own they were shallow.

When we see our sin in it’s depth and might,
we may live in fear, without grace, it’s a fight.

“The Lord has sworn to David” God is in control.
His promises are sure. Him alone we’ll extoll.

If your descendants obey, on the throne they will sit.
They didn’t obey, so their throne it was ripped.

The Messiah is coming, bringing the promise to life
The true Son of David, the Horn is the Light.

His people are priests. His enemies will fall.
The promise expanded to his children one and all.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-18
Sunday School – Chris Pierre
Genesis 49:5-7

When God’s children sin, we are children still.
When Reuben sinned, though through consequences, a son by God’s will.

Simeon and Levi, brothers united in rage
in opposition against their father. This background sets the stage.

These brothers were close, they had brotherly unity.
Simeon the son of Leah, she hoped Jacob would now see.

Levi now the third son, of Leah the unloved.
“Levi” means attached, hoping now by Jacob to not be shoved.

Simeon and Levi, swords of violence they did use.
In Genesis 34, rape, trickery, and murder to abuse.

Each brother took his sword, and snuck into the city.
They killed each and every male, on these men they took no pity.

The brothers all then joined the looting, taking all they had.
Wealth, flocks, wives and children and their idols made Jacob mad.

This sin would have great consequence, as Jacob pointed out.
As the other peoples around them, would learn and give a shout.

These brothers were united in their motivation: rage.
Jacob’s curse upon their anger, not on the men at this stage.

James wisely reminds us, be quick to listen, slow to speak,
slow to anger in our hearts as humility and patience we do seek.

God’s anger it is perfect, his justice just and right.
Man’s anger it is violent, devious and looking for a fight.

The rage of man is evidence of their rejection of God.
Psalm 2 shows people united in rage, taking up their own rod.

They think they’re bringing justice, that they’re doing what is right.
But their rage in their own strength, with God sets up a fight.

Jacob despised the brothers deception and the death it brought
Their actions didn’t bring peace and blessing, revenge the nations sought.

The fathers heart declares the separation from the hearts of his sons.
They followed self fulfillment, not after God’s glory run.

God narrowing the path, pointing to Messiah.
The oldest three all aside, all considered a pariah.

When bad things happen to me, When I want to repay
Do I act in my own strength and sin, or trust him and obey?

They thought this act would give them strength, the warriors of Israel.
Instead they both were scattered, their own land did not fill.

When dividing up the land, Simeon in the midst of Judah placed
Likewise Levi given cities, His land harder to trace.

Simeon’s land was barren, and they largely disappeared
Levi supported by the others, but in the end God called him near.

Levi’s curse reversed, it then became a blessing.
When Moses destroyed the calf, all the Levites came to him rushing.

The Levites this time used their swords for God’s will
They stood against their brothers, who with idols did evil.

The Levites sanctified, became holy to the Lord.
Their zealousness to turn to God, became keepers of his Word

The wrath of man deceitful, leading to a curse.
Trust Jesus as the Judge, his ways the best, while ours the worst.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-18
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:7-11 (7)

Christ unique as a man, Delighted in God’s will.
As we are called, submit to Christ, with his Spirit he does fill.

We follow Christ in his purpose, to do the will of God.
Follow Christ in his rejection, rejected by the world.

Follow Christ in his obedience, in first Peter four: seven
Two commands are given here, be of sound judgment and sober spirit.

Then in seven through eleven, to be sober, love and serve all for the glory of God.
This is the reason for everything, all else is vain, foolish and slipshod.

To live a life of sobriety. This does not mean being a killjoy.
Sobriety is serious minded, but filled with life and joy.

A life of sobriety lived with an eternal perspective.
This results in a life of temperance, self control and for him to live.

Temperance leads to a life of prayer, from these a life of love.
These finely lead to our ultimate life, the Glory of God above.

All things in life come to an end, the sermon, day, week, year.
Every story, every wait, our life, history and fear.

The age of man’s rebellion is coming to an end.
The consummation, return of Christ, his glory he will send.

Psalm one and two introduce the Bible in its whole.
All of history reflected here, all life and all our soul,

The nations conspire against the Lord, hating law, family, gender.
Anything that reflects his hand, they want to burst and be a bender.

The final chain they can’t burst off, though they surely try.
The end of life, when all is past, the day will come they die.

The end of all when God puts his King on his holy hill.
Satan tried to take and steal, to bend history to his will.

The ten toes of the time of Daniel, the ten kings of the earth
The rock of Christ will shatter, give the earth new birth.

Revelation coming, showing the coming wrath of God.
The reaping of the earth. God reigning with a firm rod.

Judgment / Rewards are coming. God sitting on his holy hill.
The end is certainly coming. All history will be fulfilled.

This end is final, comprehensive. Christ could come today.
The end is near, Christ is enthroned, he could be on his way.

The time is near, it is at hand, our lives they will not last.
Comparing to eternity, this time is going fast.

How should we behave, in light of this sobering truth?
Live for Christ, viewing eternity, living with temperance and the truth.

“Sound judgment”, “Sober spirit”, our mind, life, what we do?
Christ took the demoniac and gave him a sound mind to know the truth.

The world is foaming at the mouth, against all that’s good and right.
We need to fill our mind with his word, on him to set our sight.

We like to see how big we are. We need to see we’re small.
Why God chose to come and save us? He’s great over all.

Sober minded in our hope, First Peter one: thirteen
Fix our hope completely on his grace, when he comes to be seen.

Live every day as if our last. Live fully for his will.
Set our hope on his return, we’ll give account, before him be still.

Be sober, abstain from wine. Stand firm and don’t be bent.
Don’t be drunk for this world, what we do, go, buy and rent.

Live in moderation, what we eat, drink, sleep and own.
Not by our recreation, pleasure we’ll give account of the seeds that were sown.

Enemies of the cross of Christ. God is: eat and own and do.
We wait for our great king, on the end, to keep our view.

Known by lives of self control, for his Glory not for ours.
Living a life of prayer, not self-indulgence at all hours.

If living for the flesh, you will find it hard to pray.
But this life of prayer is necessary, to walk with him each day.

Seeking the will of God, Who He wants us to be.
We need to be in prayer, only in this way to see.

Do you want to live for God? Become a man of prayer?
This quality is powerful, though also very rare.

The opposite of the world: a life that’s known by prayer.
Dependent on him alone, like a child to come and share.

Next week we’ll look at the result. A life that’s full of love.
Loving brother, sister, a love from God above.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-09-19
Cary Michalak
Genesis to Malachi

Don’t go to seminary and lose your faith.
Facts are good, Heart is great.

Israel many inventions has, Immigrants more per capita than any land.
The Holy Land, small and quite obscure, but great things come from this small, rugged band.

God chose Israel, his people to be
Jesus Messiah, from them, to set the world free

Israel’s part in God’s plan matters to believers today. [AIM]
This is true, no matter what men may say.

God reveals himself in two ways: General, Creation, and Special, the Son.
God’s special was varied, to the people and prophets he knew each one.

God doesn’t just want us to know figures and facts,
But to know him in person and to see his loving acts.

The Bible is God’s filter for our minds he has given.
It’s the way we can know, and be open with him living.

God reveals himself so we can know him. [Principle 1]
But why choose Israel if he knew we would fail him.

Why not just send, Jesus straight out?
It’s a continual story, of restoration, no doubt.

Why people? Why Israel? Why you and me?
When we sinned and rebelled, why not just cut us free?

God made a way, to bring us all back.
Promised to crush the head of the serpent’s attack.

God in his grace chose Noah, Abraham, Moses.
Through Israel to all bring the gospel. Let them all know this.

Those of faith, of all Abraham’s sons.
Blessed by God, through them, his purpose still runs.

How did God bring it? Through Israel come?
A Savior, new Israel, God’s one true son.

Jesus repeated Israel’s time.
Egypt, wilderness, tempted, He came out just fine.

Jesus fulfilled, obeyed God all the way.
He came to bring grace, not just law to obey.

Why the law? What’s the purpose? Why did God send?
To point to our sin. Our knees in repentance to bend.

On our own we’re unable to trust and obey.
The law shows us God and our weakness each day.

The Law cannot save us. Only Christ can.
He sent us a Savior, Christ the perfect God-man.

The church continues the mission, though doesn’t replace.
We’re not seen by our blood line, but the blood on his face.

The church to point to him, to know and obey.
Our purpose in life to yield and to worship each day.

Other purposes lacking, they always fall short.
They can distract us, but in the end fall apart.

As we know him and follow, he redeems us from sin.
God redeems the world so we can be with him. [Principle 2]

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-09-21
Dean Good
Psalm 133 (Series: Psalms)

Five points about unity, in Psalm one thirty three.
Unity among brothers is truly rare to see.

Families see each other’s sin and start to annoy.
For example Joseph sold as a slave, by his brothers when he was a boy.

David, the author, had no peace. His home a constant battle.
His brothers and sons against each other, the peace would often rattle.

Unity among brethren through rare, it is good.
And pleasant it always is, when lived the way it should.

Unity is fragrant, like a fire or perfume.
The oil is holy to sanctify me and you.

The world sees this unity and is attracted.
It’s a joy to see how the brethren reacted.

The unity is refreshing, breathing life like the dew.
In dry and arid places where rains are very few.

Unity among brethren it is all divine.
The blessing of God, in him we only find.

Only in God is true unity to be found.
As man dwells with God, in him is our faith ground.

When with God we live, him working in us
Unity is found, this truth is a must.

When we all do live, only for ourselves.
With division and strife, we all are to dwell.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-09-25
Chris Pierre
Genesis 49

A father’s final blessing in verses one and two.
Looking at the acts of God, foretelling what he’ll do.

Addressing the good things, and the bad things too.
Exposing and forgiving sin, God’s chosen will hold through.

Judah the fourth brother, in verses eight to twelve.
Judah will lead his brothers, they will all bow down.

Judah’s leadership is future, the coming not quite yet.
Reuben’s double blessing to Joseph, and the birthright Judah was to get.

Judah’s leadership was spoken, his brothers would confess.
Judah’s name means “praise”, his brothers in agreement would say “yes.”

Judah led his brothers from killing Joseph, he spoke, his brothers did.
He confessed his sin with Tamar, and spoke up when Joseph’s cup with Benjamin hid.

Judah’s words were backed with action, their tribe the first to move.
Judah and his descendants, had leadership that was true.

Judah’s name was adapted by all the brothers, as they are now called the “Jews”.
“Judea” the land of Israel, his name they all did choose.

Judah the conquering lion, pictured, proven, present too.
He is the conquering lion, dangerous to all who oppose what’s true.

David came from Judah. Their enemies he did defeat.
The Lion of Judah coming later, in Revelation five again we’ll meet.

The Lion of the tribe of Judah, worthy to open the scroll.
The stem and root of Jesse, all history he controls.

Judah the Ruling King, holds the scepter and the staff.
The ruling King forever, his kingship it would last.

Judah the king eternal… until Shiloh comes
All people will obey this king, the one who overcomes.

Judah the Blessed One, the coming Messiah King
The final scrolls belong to him, He did the kingdom bring.

His foal tied to the grape vine. He the grapes would eat.
The kingdom of Messiah, has abundance at his feet.

Washing clothes in wine, abundance and conquering King.
He will harvest the earth. Judgment will from him ring.

Clothed with a blood dripped robe, treading the winepress of God.
God has ultimate vengeance, judgment finally coming with his rod.

“His eyes are dull with wine”, abundance in provision
“His teeth are white from milk”, peace in all his vision.

The king came to his own, born in Bethlehem.
Romans destroyed Jewish records, the tribe of Judah can’t be proven again.

These words they are all written, that we may know believe.
Jesus, the Lion of Judah, for salvation to receive.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-25
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:7-11

Jesus Christ the obedient Son,
only he is the righteous, obedient one.

We like him to be serious, joyful, sober,
Walk with him till life is over.

Walk in love, it brings all together in right
“Love” hard to define, “agape” means esteem, delight

Love to God, to men, to a food
We use and abuse it, though it is good.

“Love: to consider others higher than self.
Longsuffering, kind, putting others before myself.

True love is supernatural, not based on ourselves.
From the Holy Spirit, when with us, he does dwell.

Love is primary, focused, ardent, merciful, practical.
Do all in love for the glory of God, this our spirit can tell.

Expressing love to all those I meet, speak and do, what and how,
Not to just accomplish my plan, but to esteem others now.

A child barges in just looking for attention.
Treat with patient love, with love to the child mention.

Don’t yell, or shout at others mistakes.
This is the patience that true love takes.

Love over project, plans, expectations.
How do I treat people? What are the consequences?

Love our neighbor, long or short.
How we respond shows our heart.

Love our enemies, bless those who curse.
Concerned for them, not wishing them worse.

Love your brother, a fellow believer.
This is how we are known, How God did deliver.

If we are a Christian, we have love.
Keep it fervent, stretched out from above.

Love doesn’t just talk, Love truly loves.
Not by your effort, that you can do
God truly loves, he does it in you.

Love has eternal perspective, only by God’s strength.
He fills us with his Spirit, for eternal length.

We give to our children, how much more he to us?
The kingdom of heaven, we need to ask and to trust.

When he does it we know, how foolish, angry we are.
We need to ask him, for his glory and power.

Love it is merciful, covers over all sins.
Not ignoring or hiding, but let healing begin.

The wicked often love to expose others sin.
Discuss, amplify and then do it again.

Christ covers our sin, we don’t need to live in shame.
As we cover others sins, we are doing the same.

God has mercy on us, and we can pray for others.
We want mercy for all, to call them sisters and brothers.

Revenge, vengeance excluded, God will make all things right.
We are looking to love, not given to fight.

Hatred wants to divide, to gossip and share.
Of our tendency to hate, we need to be aware.

Do I talk about others sins and mention their wrongs?
This is not love, if it’s what our heart truly longs.

If we don’t forgive, Christ will do likewise to us.
Our sin it is deep, in his forgiveness we trust.

The way we love, he will love us, too.
Am I patient/impatient, harsh/merciful, what do I do?

Elders, looking to give, to help, invite over.
Christians together in the world, from his love , carry-over.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-09-26
Cary Michalak
1 Kings 11–14; 2 Chronicles 10–12

Defense of sin: no harm is done
Solomon went after other gods. He just wanted fun.

God says he’ll take the kingdom away.
Ten to another, two will stay.

Solomon wise, rich and blessed,
but no human ruler can bring true rest.

Our society feels that we can do it.
Education, laws and we’ll see fruit.

Rehoboam looks for advice,
how to treat them harsh or nice.

Jeroboam raises up false gods to worship.
But God’s in control, and has full Lordship.

God raised up adversaries, brought death and loss.
The consequences of sin continued and brought dross.

Adams sin, and David’s too
Solomon’s sin brought damage to the people, it’s true.

Sin causes damage and leads to division (Principle 1)
Jeroboam doesn’t believe God’s promise to use him.

Jeroboam keeps the people from to Jerusalem going.
Saying too much trouble, the inconvenience showing.

Sets up gold calves closer by
Gives a new way for the people to try.

Aaron made this same attempt.
Worship this way, not at God’s tent.

Do we seek convenience as well?
To make worship easy… Does this lead to hell?

Is online worship true worship today?
The Bible shows people together to pray.

Worshiping God within our plans
The Israelites didn’t reject Jeroboam’s ban.

Make it easy, get it done.
Check the box and make it fun.

The impact of sin goes far, deep and wide.
The huge consequences will not always hide.

We don’t know how far it will go.
Do the sins of your parents and friends now show?

God uses sin for his purposes, great.
But sin we are still to greatly hate.

Sin brought Jeroboam’s destruction and end.
The prophet came, this message to send.

The prophet then deceived himself.
Stopped to eat and rest himself.

For his sin he was punished, though deceived.
We need to follow God and his Word receive.

Follow God, not any man.
Don’t make excuses, as we always can.

False teachers will come, saying nice words.
We need to follow what from the Word we have heard.

Jeroboam knew but turned away.
How often do we do the same each day?

Our feelings, desires, we follow and go.
Our actions reveal our heart to show.

We often put up a fake an act.
God knows our hearts, that our faith has lack.

God will not be mocked, ignored, pushed aside.
He’s come to us, with us to abide.

We will reap what we have sewn.
To God the truth will all be known.

Want distraction, pick up a phone.
It all comes back, for sin to atone.

Sin’s destruction escalates when God’s grace is refused. (Principle 2)
Lord, help me to repent, not ignore and refuse.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-09-28
Daniel Pierre
Psalm 135 (Series: Psalms)

Praise the Lord, why and how
God’s creation and works given now.

Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise, five times to start
our response to his presence to praise from the heart.

We’re now corrupt, seek our own praise.
Our own character and works to raise.

Draw near to God, it’s a big deal.
a privilege to responsibility, keep it real.

Worship done as God has said,
In truth and life, in love not dread.

Praise the Lord, Praise his name.
“I am” is who he is, his fame.

Servants/Slaves praise him too.
Now called christian/friends it’s true.

He is lovely, our desire one
We long to worship God the Son.

God has chosen, he elects.
Not for our strength, does he select.

Salvation to the Lord belongs.
All souls created and to him belong,
let us now all sing his song.

God is good and he is great.
His ways over, greater we can’t relate.

God is sovereign over all. From history to molecules.
All knowing, all powerful, His will it never stalls.

God has judgment. He has wrath.
He owns each soul and determines each path.

God is irresistible: all nations, all people will know.
God is generous and compassionate: all his good works will show.

God is faithful, everlasting, the only eternal being.
Changless, worthy of our praise. His attributes we sing.

The idols, made of metal, mute, cannot see, hear, say.
Those who trust and follow them will be like them at the end of the day.

Deaf, dead can’t follow God
God’s servants will upon them trod.

Bless the Lord all who revere, bless the Lord from Zion.
God included you and me, to worship the heavenly Lion.

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Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2022 August

The following are my rhyming sermon notes from the month of August 2022 (scroll down just a bit). Our family has been using these as part of our weekly sermon review after church, and it has been a fun blessing.

A few weeks ago, Pastor Dean asked me what I think is an excellent question, that got me thinking. He basically asked if I was able to benefit from the sermon and to focus on the Word and allowing it to speak into my life, or if I was so focused on the words for rhyming that I may miss actually thinking about it and being changed by it. Excellent question!

It really made me think, and here is the conclusion that I came up with.

  • When I am taking notes, I am mostly focused on the content. I am thinking about what the sermon and the scripture passages say and mean, so that I can catch that meaning (and attempt at exact quotes) in rhyme.
  • While a point may jump out to me as having special application to my life, I don’t usually have time to really dwell on it much at that time, but do make sure to include it in my notes for later.
  • Then after church I type my notes. While typing, I focus on typing and pay very little attention to what is actually being said. I then skim through one time to find and fix obvious typos, etc. (Basically the things the computer highlights as possible errors).
  • I then usually go to lunch with my family and come back to it later in the day.
  • Then come several important steps.
    • I read it again out loud checking for rhythm and rhyme, at that time I am paying attention to the words and also fix typos and rhythm and rhyme that doesn’t quite work.
    • I then read it again, this time usually quite smoothly since many issues have been worked out. This time I really pay attention to the words and meaning.
    • I then read through it yet again, this time really dwelling on the meaning. What was God speaking to me during the sermon and what is he saying now? This time is primarily for processing and allowing the Word to convict, encourage, instruct me by the power of the Holy Spirit. I may find and fix an occasional error, but the focus is on meditating on the Word of God.
    • Note: The typing is the slowest and most boring part of the whole routine. The poem itself is written during the sermon. I just use a few minutes to clean it up a bit.
    • Then finally, I read it with my family at our Sermon Review, pointing out what God was teaching me, etc.

So as I thought about if my note taking is distracting from processing the sermon, it does do that a little bit at the time, but in reality, if I only heard it once, no matter how much I was focusing, it would soon be pushed out by conversations, etc. after church. With having time to take notes and then read them over and over and think through them deeply, I get so much more out of the sermon than I would have (and was getting) before.

This actually reminds me of the way that I was taught to study the Bible with Homiletics (discussed in another post). First focus on the Content, then the Meaning, what God meant by it, then finally, after dwelling on the content and meaning, the Application in my life. I am grateful for a church that teaches with this perspective. We need to know what the Word says first, before we can apply it. It is so easy, and so common, to jump directly to Application, without first really understanding what the Word is saying.

It is a joy to take notes each time and I start to look forward to it as the time approaches. I am more alert and involved with the sermons than ever before. I am also grateful that it is less exhausting now than it was at the beginning. When I first started doing this, I would be wearing down by the end of the sermon with fully processing the whole time. I am still fully engaged, but it is becoming easier and less tiring to do this during the sermon.

I say all this not to focus on what I do, but as an encouragement. “The word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” As we try new ways to study the Word, we may find that God is speaking to us more than we had ever been listening. Try something new for a few weeks, you may find a way God was going to use to help you live in the Word and be made more like Christ by it.

With that said, the sermons from the month of August 2022 (with a link to sermons during a Family Camp we went to one week)…

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-08-03
Nathaniel Lauer
Psalm 127 (Series: Psalms)

Psalm 127, a song of ascents, and a wisdom Psalm.
Though of authorship, there is debate, it says “a Psalm of Solomon.”

Apart from God we all will see the vanity of man’s toil.
Build the house and guard the city and still it will fall and spoil.

Rise up early, stay up late, to work for our own pleasure
Instead we eat a sorrowful bite, and have a painful measure.

The Lord, to his beloved gives, the sleep of rest in him.
He keeps us safe and gives us peace and cleanses us from sin.

The reward of man’s gift from God, children the fruit of the womb.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior young, keeping one from shame and doom.

Blessed truly is the man, with a quiver full.
Happy is he and in the gate he shall not be shamed or fooled.

The enemies IN the city are, not only from outside.
We can speak with our enemies, no need to fight or to run and hide.

Man’s toil will all pass away. Our bodies to dust will go.
God’s blessings are all here to stay. That his blessings to the world might show

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-08-07
Sunday School – Chris Pierre
Colossians 1:9-12 (Series: Prayers of Paul)

From Ephesus in Turkey, the Colossian church did come
Epaphras brought the gospel, of truth and life in the Son.

What is the context of the prayer? What is the “it” in verse nine?
The “it” of “faith” produced by the gospel, come from God, divine.

Do you have a question of Scripture? To the Scripture go.
God gives us words to understand, that him we’ll love and know.

This prayer is a plural prayer, not from Paul alone.
From the heart of Paul and Timothy, that the Colossians Christ may atone.

We also must pray plural prayers, our words alone he does not hear.
We must pray in the beloved son, God then holds our prayers dear.

The Spirit helps in our weaknesses, how to pray we do not know.
But in the power of the Spirit; he leads in which way to go.

As we pray with other believers, encourage and challenge on the way,
God confirms his purposes, as we praise him day by day.

This prayer is perpetual, their prayers they did not cease.
Our prayers are a necessity, to give life and hope and peace.

What do we value as a necessity? We know by what we do.
If prayer is a necessity, we continue and see it through.

This prayer, it is personal, he prays for them by name.
True love is always personal, because people are not the same.

So now we have the context, an important part to know.
Now we go to the content, as we hear this prayer’s flow.

The prayer has four parts, that we may learn to pray.
Let’s’ continue on, to what they do and say.

Pray that they may be filled, with the knowledge of his will.
Transformed in their mind, that with his word, God would fill.

The gospel is the root, that causes life to sprout.
And the gospel is the tree, that grows and lets fruit out.

Knowing the Word of God, is not the final place to be.
We pray that it would change us, that the fruit of the Spirit we would see.

We pray to be fully fortified, in a place of strength.
To rest in the God of power alone, with no limits in depth or length.

God has the power to save us, by nothing we can do.
Then to live and grow by this same power, that in his strength we grew.

The true believer has new life, the old self put away.
By his power, and his alone, do we grow day by day.

We’re not just saved from wrath, as important as that may be.
We live and have our life in him, that life in him we see!

The prayer ends with rejoicing, in the knowledge of the Lord.
In the certainty of our Savior, can we stand, in the promises in his Word.

Joy leads to thanksgiving, to the Father we give thanks.
We are eternally grateful to be in his Family’s ranks.

Jesus came to save us, at the Father’s plan.
The Father he so loved us that sin and death he sent his son to ban.

We have joy in our position, that God has qualified
to be adopted by him for ever, by his will, not because we tried.

Is that inheritance in heaven, reserved in heaven for you?
Do the Scriptures give confirmation, or conviction, which is true?

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-08-07
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 3:18-22 (focus on vs. 22)

Christ is our example, of suffering to glory.
God has exalted him, and showed how he works out the story.

Of this exaltation, the history, significance and ministry we did see.
We now look at the expectation of exaltation for you and me.

When we see Christ in glory, sitting at the Father’s right hand.
We have hope for the future, that the enemies of sin and death are banned.

His enemies as his footstool, his reign o’er all the earth.
All wickness destroyed, his righteousness bringing new birth.

Our hope is in Christ alone, not the governments of men.
He’s coming back to rule! Amen and Amen!

What is the basis of this expectation? How do we know it’s true?
The prophecies given over time, of his reign and peace, he’ll do.

David wanted to build a house for God, God said it would be his son.
His descendent would build the eternal house, he will be the one.

This promise, not just for Solomon, but looking further on,
Looking at the Messiah, after David is long gone.

David’s righteous branch, the Lord our righteousness
Will rule in Jerusalem, the promise, we are blessed.

The certainty of this expectation, by God was written there,
Spoke of death and resurrection, this certain hope God did share.

This dead and raised Messiah, will return to rule and reign.
he will reign and judge the wicked, the world won’t be the same.

On that day the Lord will deliver his chosen Israel.
He’ll claim what he has purchased, the glory will be surreal.

In Zechariah 14, we hear of the Messiah coming to fight.
Returning to the Mount of Olives, his enemies will take flight.

There will be no more “religion”, no more idolatry.
The king will sit enthroned and reign eternally.

The temple in Ezekiel, the Lord will come to fill.
From there he will reign forever, and then all will be well.

The antichrist will mimic, until Christ does destroy.
Jerusalem still the focus of politics today, until Christ will rule and reign and give his people joy.

Have you been humbled before the Savior? To stand beside the cross?
We will see his glory, when he comes to heal all loss.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-08-10
Pastor Dean Good
Psalm 126 (Series: Psalms)

“Turn again our captivity”, repeated then and again,
could be to “restore our fortunes, like done for Job back then.

First interpret the context, the principles to know,
then see the application, how we are to grow.

Looking in Deuteronomy, keep the law, be blessed.
Refuse to follow the Lord, in captivity be stressed.

The Lord says the curse will come, they certainly will disobey,
but their hearts will change to follow the Lord, and the Lord will blessings say.

Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, soul, might.
This is the call for everyone, to love and not to fight.

When you turn and follow the Lord, the Lord will turn and bless.
This turning comes when they follow the Lord, and forever in the land will rest.

They entered the land and followed Baal, and worshiped other gods.
The anger of God was kindled, and by enemies sent discipline rods.

God raised up judges to save them, to “turn their captivity.”
Then they would follow God for a while, and during that time be free.

The land was the gift of the promise, given by God to them.
Though the land was taken captive, the Messiah would return again.

Returning to Psalm 126, the author first looks back,
then in verses four through six, looks at what they now lack.

The people would have sweet dreams, with joy to sing and laugh,
When the people had been delivered, rescued from God’s wrath.

When God does save the people, the surrounding nations will see.
Though they are a small, weak people, God’s people they will be.

We saw this happen in Daniel, when Nebuchadnezzar was proud.
He saw God’s power displayed, and turned and worshiped out loud.

When we reflect on God’s actions, even with troubles still near,
We rejoice in praise and worship, and reflect in holy fear.

Verses one to three looking back, then a prayer here in verse four,
verses five and six a principle, that we may praise him more.

When we ask God to turn our captivity, what are we to do?
We are to trust the Savior, and sow in faith that’s true.

We may not see the hope, the plan God has in store,
but we can trust our God, and humbly follow the Lord.

Sow in tears, in dark dark days, when God seems far away,
but trust the Lord, see what he’s done, and walk joyfully by faith each day.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-08-14
Sunday School – Daniel Pierre
1 Thessalonians 3:10-13 (Series: Prayers of Paul)

This prayer of Paul is personal, to the people in the Church.
It looks like an ideal family photo, but to get there they went through the lurch.

The church was going through tribulation, and he wanted them to remember love.
So that in their difficulties, they could cling to God above.

Hebrew writers often put the main idea in the center of the book.
So that they could discuss it before hand, and then after take another look.

The church in Thessalonica was young, Gentile, and struggling.
Paul, Timothy and Silas wrote to help them persevere through all things.

On the first missionary Journey, they went through these areas first.
Paul now writes to them, to see if they are doing better or doing worse.

When writing to Gentile believers, the goal wasn’t to keep the law.
The goal was to love and follow God, to encourage one and all.

From Philippi to Thessalonica, Paul had been forced to go.
The church there, then was planted, Paul now writes to help them grow.

After the church was planted, Paul and Timothy again forced to leave.
Off to Berea, then to Corinth, both of which the gospel did receive.

The church in Thessalonica, attacked from without and from within,
Paul writes to strengthen the church, help them not fall into sin.

Timothy and Silas give Paul a great report.
He then writes to the Thessalonians, with gladness his hope did not fall short.

The content of the prayer, the object of the request:
That we may see your face, be there in person as your guest.

Paul elsewhere in the scripture, writes to express his love and desire to see.
Paul longs to have time with them, an encouragement to be.

Hearing they are doing well, causes Paul to have joy deep.
He writes to them with pleasure, though in prison he does sleep.

As we live our Christian lives, fellowship have we,
with God our Father above, and other believers that we see.

While distance relationships and tools, all may have their part.
Fellowship is meant to be in person, as we live heart to heart.

Paul’s prayer echoes the high priestly prayer, for heavenly unity.
As believers through all eternity, have this love when him we see.

But now we live in a sinful world, with sin and struggle in our hearts.
But this more limited fellowship we have, and this is a great start.

If we say that we really want something, our efforts they will show.
As we seek in sincerity, our efforts let others know.

Paul longed to be with them, so had sent Timothy.
Paul was so glad to hear from them when Timothy he again did see.

This supernatural love is from God and not from us.
What does this love in my heart cause me to do? If it’s real it will show, it must.

The goal of this request, to build them in their faith.
This service is infinite, good even when they see God’s face.

In Second Peter chapter one, Peter lists benefits of mature faith.
Partakers of divine nature, faith eternal, forever stayeth.

The granter of the prayer, the Father and Jesus Christ.
He is all the omni’s, he is holy and and he is right.

Jesus now at the Father’s right hand praying there for us.
He now empowers our prayers, to pray in him we must.

How does God answer the prayer? Bring Paul and friends to them.
He directed them before, and he’ll do it again.

God is sovereign over details, his plans will always stand.
We need not fear or doubt or on our own control demand.

Bright lights, earthquakes, dreams and many other ways,
Paul knew that God’s throne is established, we can trust him all our days.

The outcome of the prayer: faith, and hope, and love.
These the gifts of God, they come from God above.

May God increase their love, for God and other men.
This love comes with sacrifice and service. Provide this Lord, Amen.

This love shows to believers and to those who are not.
We can give them common grace, and the gospel lest they rot.

True love is to direct a man to God’s word and also to his hope.
This should be for all men, whether they repent or if they say “nope.”

Paul prays that “without blame”, we could be and live.
This is only through Jesus Christ, when justification he does give.

The continuing growth, sanctification it is called,
This is continuing from God, his work is never stalled.

This work that God is doing, it brings us certain hope.
This is not the dreaming of the world, that can be “yes” or “nope.”

God’s story doesn’t change, we need not fret and worry.
The path we do not know, but we know the end of the story.

Jumping to the end, how did God answer this prayer?
Paul did see them again, approximately four years later.

Even four centuries later, we see evidence that they were there.
And even now today, they set an example of Christian love and care.

Sinners we may be, but work in us God can do.
To pray, encourage, help, are just a few things for me and you.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-08-14
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:1-3

First Peter four: one and two, the focus of the book.
to live like our suffering Savior, knowing that on us he does look.

This world is not our home, not our lasting hope.
We are to live as aliens, this vision is our scope.

Submitting to authorities, not popular then or now.
But called to trust God and suffer, and he will show us how.

Suffering for righteousness, the theme of the rest of the letter.
Following Christ’s example, for who has done it better.

Follow Christ in his purpose, for to this we were called.
He willingly came to suffer, to gain a higher call.

To die for sins, to bring us, to reconcile to God.
Though Satan tried to tempt him, he took God’s wrath and rod.

Through the things he suffered, he learned obedience.
We too are to arm ourselves with this purpose, not to flee to great distance.

If you expect life’s fun and easy, when difficulties come,
this will leave you lost, bewildered, and true faith you may just shun.

If you want to grow in purpose, ask the Lord to start
to help you see the truth as he opens up your heart.

When walking through this life, our faith will face the test.
Will we take comfort in the world, or suffer for what is best?

To walk firmly in this world, we must have dedication.
To have Christ’s attitude in suffering, without modification.

We have been called to suffer, following in his steps.
Though the Lord was perfect, he took it and was blessed.

He looked to future glory, for the joy that was to come.
We’re called to anticipate the glory, at the coming of this Son.

He suffered resolutely, knowing what the future held.
Set his face to Jerusalem, though he faced the power of hell.

The prophecies of Isaiah, written well before he came.
Wrote of the suffering servant, it’s amazingly the same.

Set his face like flint to follow, no matter what may come.
It’s not just forgiveness we are given, the cost we must well sum.

The significance of imitating his purpose, is to cease from sin.
This does not mean suffering equals sanctification, but to repent and follow him.

The willingness to suffer as Christ we follow now,
To suffer loss and die, as Jesus shows us how.

The result of imitating his purpose, to live all of our days.
for the will of God, forever and always.

A change in motivation, from the lusts of the flesh
to the will of God, our motivations all made fresh.

If you want to follow your lusts, just do what you want to do.
To eat or watch or enjoy, do it all for you.

But to follow God, obey him, deny yourself today.
Not living for yourself, but following him all the way.

To know the will of God, and walk it day by day.
Present your body a living sacrifice, in what you do, and think, and say.

Knowing the Word of God, doesn’t mean we know his will.
Only when we obey it, will he with this knowledge fill.

John Bunyan saw the truth that he must be dead to ALL
to live upon his God or else he’ll certainly fall.

If we’ll truly follow Christ, then dead we must fully be,
We must be dead to self and world, that the Savior we will see.

Dead to job, provision, and everything we know.
Trusting God alone, that then his blessings flow.

Looking back at life, we see the time we wasted.
This life of lusts and pleasure, the emptiness we’ve tasted.

We can work really hard, to make great sacrifice,
to live for our lusts, this all seems really nice.

This, the way of a fool, passing onto death.
Drinking, sex and sensuality it fills our every breath.

As we look back at our lives, we see the grace of God.
He paid for all our folly, his own blood by him shod.

He suffered death for us, do we suffer death for him?
As we turn and live for God, he purifies from sin.

When we are low and humble, we need not fear the fall.
When we have little, it sets us free, to live for him our all.

We were at a Christian, Homeschool family camp on Wednesday, 2022-08-17
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Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-08-21
Sunday School – Dave Howard
2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 (Series: Prayers of Paul)

We continue with the prayers of Paul in second Thessalonians one: eleven and twelve.
Similar to Colossians one: nine to 12, but instead of tribulation, in peace they did dwell.

Colossians talked of peace, of not being influenced by the world.
Thessalonians speaks of struggle, either way walk worthy in the Lord.

Walk worth, Powerful Faith, In the power of Christ
Not for himself, that their suffering may cease, though this would be quite nice.

Seek the Lord, submit to his will, as hard as that may be.
The church loved each other, gave support, overcame and hope could see.

From first to second Thessalonians, their love it deeper grew.
They were a prime example of living under persecution, too.

An evidence of God’s just judgment, Christians persecuted they will be.
Their end is sure, judgment will come the evil will surely see.

“I never knew you”, Christ will say to those who faithless lived.
“Welcome”, “Enter into rest” to them this hope he gived.

The bookends of the prayer, the glorification of Christ
in his return and in you, praise God with all your might.

The Lord’s prayer starts and ends, “Hallowed be thy name”
“Your will be done on earth and heaven” in both it is the same.

Job was not about Job, but about the glory of God.
All our lives from start to end, God’s praise is our job.

Paul doesn’t pray for pain to end, to petition government.
He prays they would walk worthy, to the world be sent.

Paul prays that they would be, in submission to the king.
Worthy of the kingdom, in persecution sing.

When our own standard we create, better we will seem.
But God’s standard, “Did I know you?” helps us to see that we’re unclean.

We’re called to follow him, submit fully to his way.
How is he leading you? Follow day by day.

Revelation three verse four, garments still all clean.
Walking worthy in the Lord, holy to be seen.

What are your desires? Through the internet connected?
Reality is quite different, often angry and dejected.

Romans fifteen: fourteen pursue goodness in your life.
Galatians five: twenty-two, the Spirit brings goodness, and not strife.

Do not quench the Spirit, delight in His Word.
Convicts of sin, guides in His way, we need to act, His Word not only heard.

Faith should active be, not simply in our thoughts.
“Work” and “Labor”, not simply “wait”, follow as we’re taught.

“Glory to Christ” our ultimate goal.
By his power, change our mind and soul.

First Samuel two: thirty, honor me, I’ll honor you.
Trust and follow the Lord our God and see what he will do.

This little light of mine.
I’m going to let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-08-21
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:1-6 – Follow Christ in His Rejection

When the Lord our hearts do follow, our lust will start to fall away.
When this happens the world will hate us, rejected, suffering day by day.

Christ was rejected, we know we will be too.
John fifteen: sixteen sayeth, go bear fruit. From the world, I chose you.

We annoy the world, they will hate us. They will turn, and hate, reject.
The world’s rejection of the believer is quite natural. This rejection we should expect.

The world’s confused by how we live and we’re confused by their lives to.
We’re aliens to them. In like manner, they are aliens to me and you.

Vanity fair, want what you want, say what you say, do what you will do.
Pilgrims come, looking, speaking strange, not wanting what they offered, but seeking only what is true.

The world’s rejection of the believer is revealing, their depravity clearly shown.
Surprised we don’t run with them to folly, their sinful pursuits all may know.

It’s a mad dash, work, work, go, go.
a stampede of pleasure seekers, seeking their own will to flow.

Believers seek the will of God, not our own desires and pursuits.
Baalam sought to be wealthy, by a donkey received his fruits.

An excess of excess of sins they have galore.
They do not see the judgment that is surely for them in store.

Drunkenness, sex, no self control, the world’s committed to their lusts.
Self-justified but not godly, they want us to join, confirm their trusts.

God says don’t be filled with wine, but filled with the Spirit be.
Drunkenness it fully controls them, Filled with the Spirit, controlled by thee.

All I think, say, do, desire, filled overflowing with the Spirit’s power.
Am I thus filled with the Spirit? Growing in his fruit hour by hour.

We a joyful, holy Christian, the world confused and annoyed.
Reveals their sin, their pride, their folly. This condemns, does not bring joy.

This light of truth and condemnation, they call us “holier than thou.”
If we just act and go, run with them, they’ll accept us, love us now.

Don’t be surprised at the world’s rejection, the fiery ordeal must surely come.
When you suffer as a Christian, continue to fellowship, continue to run.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-08-24
Pastor Dean Good (no sound on recording)
Psalm 129 (Series: Psalms)

Psalm 129 a Psalm of affliction, suffering and pain.
Satan afflicts the children of God, by God’s will and for our gain.

The first part a declaration, a prayer the second part.
Victory for the persecuted, and curses for the persecuting hard of heart.

Promises in Moses and the prophets, before the time of Psalms.
Promises to bless and establish, when God the nation calms.

In Jeremiah 28, God the nation would save.
God rescued then and rescues now, may his presence we crave.

Jacob, his brother and uncle, later the Philistines and more.
God’s people always afflicted, many a time must endure.

God always saw them through it, over and over again.
From the Jews of old to Hitler and more, God over Satan does reign.

God delivers from the work of Satan, but allows his people go through.
To help us turn, depend on him, to know and trust he is true.

No matter how deep the trials, the child of God not destroyed.
God will always take us through, his presence forever enjoyed.

In verse five, begins a transition, from facts to a prayer to God.
A prayer that evil plans will fail, frustrated and judged with a rod.

Enemies like the grass on a rooftop, dry and blow away.
Their lives are fruitless, going nowhere. It’s harder to follow than say.

Prayer of a curse on persecutors, those who stand for sin.
Trusting God to protect us, to destroy evil, that we will win.

The surrounding trials are short, passing in the night.
The judgment and reward, eternal, in or out of his light.

Pray for other believers, that they would stand steadfast.
To be counted as his children to be counted as those who will last.

All for our Lord God’s glory, for his purpose and his name.
Live for him by his power, the One who overcame.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-08-28
Sunday School – Jonathan Underhill
2 Thessalonians 3:1-5 (Series: Prayers of Paul)

The passage has two parts: spread of the gospel and perseverance of the saints.
The Thessalonians an encouragement. to Paul and Timothy their impact relates.

Verses one and two, Paul asking for prayer.
Three through five Paul prayed for them, out of his deep care.

Paul here discontent, at the speed the gospel spread.
Are we content, not pushing on, a faith without works is dead.

The Gospel to Thessalonica, Paul in the synagogue proclaimed.
A large number to faith and followed, proclaimed Jesus’ name.

Paul is now in Corinth, things are moving slow.
Paul wants the gospel to go forth, then the church to grow.

The color in the water, faster than on paper spread. [Visual illustration]
Paul is finding this in Corinth, slow though the word was read.

God promises to Paul, to press on, to not give up.
Though the work was slow, God would raise, many people up.

Not only was acceptance slow, their rejection it was fierce.
God again did promise, He would work, the attacks not grow worse.

In 16,000 people groups, the Christians very few.
With only 5 or 1 percent, what would God have us do?

Nothing can stop the Word of God, the Jews wanted Paul out.
But God said stay and preach, the Gospel you should shout.

What hinders the spread of the gospel? Barriers people raise:
Government stops and slows, hindrance and not praise.

Christians go other ways, business, teach, and give.
The gospel will go forth, in what we preach and how we live.

Culture blocks understanding, Language blocks the words.
Our selfish hearts block our going, and finances from being heard.

The magistrate said no preaching, but Paul preached anyway.
He didn’t just want hearing, but for faith to grow, spread, stay.

When a life is changed, people take notice. The change an impact will make.
We become a slave to all, to all resistance break.

Live only for the gospel, not selfish desires, pursuits
Give all go the distance, and God will bring the fruits.

Wicked men stand up opposed, the gospel is a threat.
Non-religious just don’t want it, religious try to benefit.

Paul spoke against religious men, the gospel they rejected.
They acted as religious, but faithless, faith dissected.

Religious claim authority, only they can know.
The people are bewitched, and willingly follow.

Colossians two verse four, the wrong gospel, not to share.
Debates generally push away, but humility shows you care.

Trusting in the Lord’s strength, and not our words and skill,
depends not on our own strength, but on the Lord’s to thrill.

Satan comes like a light, his followers to deceive.
The people of the darkness look good, but come to make us grieve.

God is always faithful, His people he does guard.
The Love of God and steadfastness, carries us when life is hard.

Jesus doesn’t pray, that from the world we’d go,
but that we from the evil one, be protected and grow.

Even when the world’s against us, and often seems to win,
God gives the strength to win victorious, and keeps us from all sin.

Persecutions we endure, they do not go away.
This happened to Lord Jesus too, he was strengthened to obey.

Paul didn’t use big, strong muscles, but knew the Word of God.
He was “bubble” wrapped in God’s power, led, protected by his royal rod.

Unbelievers can not follow, God they cannot please or obey.
But God through the Holy Spirit, works to keep and form us day by day.

We have opportunity to know, be changed and follow God.
This only by his work, as His Spirit does lead and prod.

How did Jesus follow, through suffering, defeat, and death?
He knew that God would lift him up, give glory, life, and breath.

Prayer is the propellant, to the gospel spread.
Don’t give up get overwhelmed, trust God and have no dread.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-08-28
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:1-6 – Follow Christ in His Rejection, Part 2

God created us to be social, not to live alone.
We want to be accepted by those around us, by family and friends be known

But when we live for the Savior, to do the will of God,
we will receive his rejection, our lives to the world seem odd.

Last week looked at the world’s rejection, of the people of God.
This rejection is natural as they run to death, and revealing as with pursuit of self and pleasure are shod.

The world’s rejection of God’s people is verbal, blaspheming what is strange.
They revile God, and all his ways, his people they try to change.

Verbal abuse of believers, by those who the gospel reject.
Many words Paul does use, to describe this abuse and inspect.

Most Christians in history, have not for their faith died.
But all Christians at some level, by verbal abuse are tried.

Some may curse you out, some falsely accuse.
Say you are wicked, but see you are right, when they do abuse.

Say “You’re not moral” when they sin, true values they will twist.
From history past this has not changed, we still have the same list:

Legalist, immoral, foolish, socially deranged,
biased, hater, condemning others, ideas wrong and strange.

The gospel is an offense to the world, condemnation brings.
Sin, death, hell, eternity, right and wrong and things.

Superstitious, blind; foolish and confused.
No one wants to be seen this way, to be daily abused.

Nothing new under the sun, the same both then and now.
Mocking, hating, sarcasm, thinking we will bow.

Look on with condescension, turn Jesus, teacher, into God.
Look with mocking pity, Christians misled and odd.

This leads to persecution, seen in the book of Acts.
Steven mocked and slandered, publicly attacked.

Steven pointed to God, spoke boldly of the truth.
Hatred intensified, stoned while Saul stood aloof.

Leaders, teachers, parents; tease don’t understand.
Those closest to us, in the church; against us they may band.

This rejection not just of Christians, the rejection is of Christ.
Blaspheming man and God, a rejection of truth and light.

How should we respond to abuse? What should we do?
Five ways to respond, the Word will walk us through.

Do not be surprised, when the world rejects the way.
We share what God has done, they reject what we say.

Second, keep a good conscience, don’t respond in a sinful way.
That even when they slander, live for God each day.

Third, do not respond in kind, repeating as they speak.
But giving a blessing instead, be strong while they are weak.

Bless and do not curse, do not say foolish things.
Pray for them, that they’d be saved, with grace let your words ring.

Fourth, commit yourself to the Lord, trusting his power and way.
The truth will always win in the end, He’s the Lord at the end of the day.

Trust yourself to a faithful creator, in doing what is right.
He will give you grace and strength, to live by his great might.

Fifth, be ready to give an answer, for the hope that is in you.
With gentleness and reverence, sharing what is true.

In Ephesians two: one to ten, I was dead in sin.
But Jesus died for me and rose, giving life again.

When filled with the hope in his Word, in the Spirit walk.
These attacks don’t bother at all, we can obey and talk.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-08-31
Jonathan Underhill

Psalm 130 (Series: Psalms)

The Psalmist in the world is struggling with life. The pain deeper, deeper does go.
Jonah felt similar, drowning in life, down where life is so low.

What brings us down? Sorrow and sin, melancholy situation so low.
Other will be there, and can surely relate, as up to Jerusalem they go.

Without hope in God, we have no hope at all, no matter how high or how low.
God is the one who hears, provides, protects, In our struggle his power does show.

In the depth and despair, we cry out to the Lord. Our confidence in him alone.
If we refuse to submit, to his will and his way, his righteous recourse will be shown.

“I, even I, will wipe out your sins.” Justice is not within us.
God gives the pardon, only he sets us free, only in him is our trust.

Do you have the pardon, the freedom in him? To rest and trust in his way?
Only in this do we rest and we wait, writing expectantly for his bright coming day.

The watchman is waiting, knowing when the sun will rise. He’s expectant and soon will go home.
We too should be watchful, looking for him, looking to the eternal home.

Morning is coming, we know this is true, though the timing is hidden from us.
Waiting for his coming, not hoping it’s true, but knowing as in his Word we trust.

With eager expectation do you wait? Do you long? For the Lord to come back, you believe.
Some say they believe, but the going gets hard and the path to Christ they do leave.

He himself, he will do it, in Christ God has come, to cover our sorrow and shame.
God comes to destroy, not only the sin, but the source of all sin by his name.

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