Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2022 November (GCNO & BSF)

The following are my rhyming notes from November 2022.

It would be great to hear your ideas. When taking notes, there are times that I can’t think quickly enough for how to rhyme it. These are marked by “???”. If you have an idea for how to work that section to make it rhyme, you can put it in the comments. It would be great to hear your ideas. (Put the date of the notes, and enough context so that we will know where you made the change.)

While I may be the only one reading these (that’s fine, and a good review for me), my prayer is that for anyone reading it could point to Christ, and perhaps be a good sermon review if you were there.

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Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-11-02
Psalm 139 (Series: Psalms)

Theme at the beginning, middle, end of the Psalm.
You search me and you know me in every way, all along.

You search at the start. You search at the end.
You search every heart, ????????

We don’t like anyone to know all about our heart,
The Lord knows every heart, before our life’s start.

The believer delights in God’s knowledge, presence, sovereignty and thoughts
and His righteousness, it is him we have sought.

Come to God not saying what I want to learn
but seeking him, for him, my heart to burn

He knows everything, this a delight, not a threat.
He knows our all, better than our own knowledge met

In verses 7 through 12, delight in his presence no matter where I dwell
High or low, near or far God is there, his word does tell.

God holds our hand wherever we go
He guides and protects, his way he does show

Delight in his presence, he’s light in the dark
He leads and protects us, his love it is stark

Our breath is in him, he created, sustains
Our owner, our God, our Spirit he trains

We delight in his thoughts, the truth in his word
In his righteousness, against all the evil whose hearts are not stirred

He judges the wicked, so that peace may come
Without his judgment, evil would grow in its sum

If  you’re born again, you want to be holy
In heaven sin is dead, we will be holy only

Our true prayer will be, “make me like you”
Search me, and try me, lead me to what is true.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-11-06
Dave Howard
Genesis 50:4-14

Jacob knows he’s going to with his fathers be.
Again tells all the brothers to bury him in Canaan, in the future his descendants will be.

He is ready to go, pulls his legs in and let’s go.
Then the mourning starts, Joseph’s and the nation’s, tears will sow.

Grief over death is natural, bring loss and emptiness
Don’t let the mourning overcome, in God have joy and completeness.

When we mourn death, the mourning is over sin
When Adam turned from God, sin and death both entered in.

The righteous and unrighteous, both face the truth of death.
For those who are in Christ, Life doesn’t end at our last breath.

Joseph talked to Pharaoh, to give his father’s request
Then they head to Canaan, to lay his body at rest.

Burials are simple, the body ends in the ground.
The procession and mourning elaborate, full of mourning, and of wailing sound.

Jacob’s request, with my fathers let me lie
In the plot that Abraham bought, that Jacob himself dug for when he die.

Jacob knew this life was not eternal, that he would go away.
He knew he was in the covenant, so he had hope at the end of the day.

In Joseph’s request assures Pharoah he’d be back.
This was not the final move to Canaan, this was not on God’s time track.

God had told Abram for 400 years in Egypt his people would be.
Joseph knew that time not yet fulfilled that land not yet theirs to see.

This death a grief to Joseph, his father passed away.
The covenant line was passing on as they followed in God’s way

They crossed the Jordan River, and took a week to mourn.
This at least 100 days of mourning, a long mourning not to scorn

It ends with a simple burial, his son’s buried him in a cave.
Then return to Egypt, follow where God had them, not for Canaan crave.

Noah in the ark, stayed in till God said “Get out.”
They would have wanted out, but stayed in without a pout.

God made the covenant, Abraham’s sleeping was his part.
But Abraham and his descendants followed God, and played their own small part.

God is faithful to his promise, even when we are not.
We need to wait on his time and ways,  not go against his plot.

Joseph obeys in the short term, taking Jacob back to the land.
Also in the long term trusting God to bring his descendants to the Land.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-11-06
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:10-11

We are all called to serve, God is the judge, not us.
Of our lives we’ll give account, God is holy, he is just.

God gifts each one to serve, speaking, serving by his might
Serving in our giftedness, in the fear and strength to the glory of God. ???????

“Each one is to serve, in his special gift”
God gives variety, for great blessing, not to make a rift.

Gifts of speaking and serving, none of us called to do everything.
All of us are called to do something, do what God has called you to do.????

Do it with joy and energy, unto the Lord
for his glory, and not yours

Let us serve where God has placed us in the body
Varieties of gifts, ministries and effects for his glory.

All part of the body, though not a nose, mouth, ear.
God has made the body to mutually care, suffer, cheer.

We serve within the limits that God has on our lives
Paul served from prison, for God’s purpose strive

We don’t know what Paul did in prison, during the time in Cesarea
We serve within our limits, financial, physical, slave or free.

Let us serve within the doctrinal limitations God has set.
No women elders (no authority or teaching men), do only what God has let.

So what should I do? Look at Romans Chapter 12
Present your body as a living sacrifice to God, to with him dwell.

Everything you do, think, and all you say
Dead to self, live all for him each and every day.

Seek the Lord’s will, day by day, right now, forever
Commit yourself to the local church, all serving one another.

Going on our own, not joining with the church
is going against God, we meet to with others search.

Commit to service in the church, convenient or not.
Service costs something. ???????

Parents, a gift to your children, an example of how to serve.
The children are learning ?????

Serve in holiness and love, not to your own advantage.
Swerve with diligence and perseverance, not only when on the stage.

Serve financially, giving to the needs of the saints
Serve with what God has given, not with selfish motives taints.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-11-07
I didn’t have my notebook.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-11-09
Ken Ellis
Psalm 140 (Series: Psalms)

A Psalm of David, a Prayer against Persecutors
Plea, Praise, Judgement are Yours

David pursued by wicked, violent men
He goes to the Lord in prayer
It’s not just make a list, and work for our end
It’s trust him with every care.

When trouble comes believe in the Lord,
Don’t let your hearts be troubled.
The evil are evil and do evil things.
May their loss and destruction be doubled.

The Lord laughs in heaven at the plans that they make
Men, we are all full of sin.
The wicked they are cunning, and full of deceit
God’s judgment will surely begin.

David prays with a confident heart
You are my God and you hear.
You cover my head in the day of the battle
You to your people are near.

The proud will grow prouder, the evil will grow
Let them be caught in their plans.
The wicket in pride, renounces the Lord
God, all their plans he condemns

For the Leader in evil and all who with him go
Fall into pits full of fire.
David calls for judgment and death for them all
Their judgment will never retire.

Those who are evil, who “cancel” another
Set an ambush for their own lives.
Our confidence is in our God alone
No other no matter how hard one tries.

The upright will dwell in your presence
The Lord will sit on his throne
His people, his children, with with him reign
Our God, he is God alone.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-11-13
Dave Howard
Genesis 50:15-21

Jacob’s final words were a charge to his sons.
He gave the blessings to his son’s, in the covenant each one.

Jacob said a last farewell
to his sons, and then he died.
The great procession went up to Canaan
with a great mourning, the people cried.

A story of death and hope,
Though dying, look to the land.
Be sure to take my bones
When in the land you stand.

The sons now afraid of Joseph
What will Joseph do now that Jacob is gone?
They should have relied on the  covenant
Joseph had blessed them all along.

They now made up a story
of what they feared Joseph may do.
They had a low view of Joseph and God
And their story it was not true.

Who was Joseph seeking to please?
Not his dad, but his God above.
He was seeking to bless, not destroy them
His grace reflected God’s great love.

All the brothers were part of the promise
It was not for Joseph alone.
This fear was not very rational
Joseph’s love and forgiveness had already been shown.

Joseph points to the sovereignty of God
Not to any of his desires and plans.
Joseph was prepared to provide
This was a work of God’s hands.

Christ likewise speaks words of forgiveness
When we come to him broken in heart.
A low view of God and his plans
Gives room for our worry to start.

The thought that Joseph was like them,
Living by passion and lust.
This blinded them to the truth of God’s work
And made it hard for them to trust.

Should we love the things the Lord loves?
Should we hate the things the Lord hates?
Joseph reflecting God’s own heart.
His continued provision and protection he states.

When we avoid the truth God has given
rationality and reason break down.
We see this in the fear of the brothers
We see this in our own world, and country, and town.

When you leave the truth
Deception and fear will creep in.
God can deal with our guilt
as we repent of our sin.

The blessing comes when we trust.
The blessing comes when we obey.
The Lord came to seek and save sinners.
We need not to hide, but trust him to take our sin away.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-11-13!
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:10-11 (11)

Through Malichi God condemned
the people and their sacrifice
We today are called to serve
With our best, our all that’s nice.

We serve not by our own means
but by the means God gives.
1 Peter 4:10-11
tell how to serve and live.

Within our giftedness, in the fear of God.
By the strength he gives, for his glory live. ???

Serve in the fear of the Lord
Looking at the speaking gifts.
Teaching, Preaching the Word of God
with Purpose, that God uplifts.

As speaking the utterances of God
Not meaning the infallibility of the teacher.
Taking the task with sobriety.
Knowing that he has given this responsibility to us his creature.

Teaching the living Word of God
To explain, expand, proclaim
To all the church, adult and child
Teach the Word of God, to everyone the same.

Accurately handle the Word of God
Diligently study, think, and prepare.
Not sharing our own ideas.
Keep our eyes on him alone as we share.

What did God think of the message?
Was his truth clearly proclaimed?
It’s not our interpretation.
We need to “rightly divide” his Word to be trained.

Not simply sharing opinions,
but diligently studying the Word.
What is God saying?
We as his messengers proclaim what we have heard.

Rules for how to speak
according to John Gill
From the text, not into it.
All, not just what we like to feel.

All and only what God  has given.
As God’s Word, not thoughts of men.
With surety and authority
To the Word, we clearly say, Amen!

Clearly, Freely, Laid before men
Not muddled and obtuse
With Godly fear and reverence
Not without plans to abuse

Everything built on the Word of God
Not psychological thoughts and themes
Centered firmly on the Word
Without which the teaching is just empty dreams.

Not centered on music or prayer
as important as they may be.
Centered on the word of God
His powerful truth will set us free.

Ezra read the word of God
From morning until night.
The focus is a pulpit,
not drums or other focal sight.

Reading from the book
translating to understand.
Obey the commandments in the law
On this our faith will stand.

Preach, Proclaim the Word
On this all else depends
“Faith comes by hearing” the Word of God
The truth of the Word of God the Spirit sends.

By the power of the Word
We come to faith and are sanctified.
This is how we grow in Christ
When his word in our heart we hide.

The means by which we’re changed
to the image of Christ
Luther said no Christian gathering should lack
the word of God in Christ.

Dangers of the teaching gifts
Laziness, quickly put it all together.
The fear of man instead of God
Thinking we as the teacher are better.

False teaching can come
they always use the Bible
People are easily led astray
of this we are very liable.

Be on guard over the flock
shepherding the people
False teachers from among yourselves
will rise and profane the steeple.

Pray for your pastor
there is no greater danger.
Before you teach, fall on your knees.
Of humble need the teacher should be no stranger.

Teach with sobriety.
Not starting with jokes or a story.
Focus on the central Word of God
Revealing Christ in his Word for His glory.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-11-14

Elisha with the prophets
The wife of one who’s died.
Her sons may soon be taken
Elijah told her what was to be tried.

She borrowed jars for oil
She was active and obeyed.
God provided all she needed.
then all her debts were paid.

When our prayers are answered
do we take time to thank?
and then in turn serve others

Elisha stays with a couple
They make him a little room
How do I do at serving others?
Welcoming them to with us room.

Elisha says she’ll have a child.
She does, but then he dies.
She’ll only tell Elisha
even though his servant tries.

Elisha lays out on the boy
Seven sneezes come
He wakes up, comes back to life.
She takes her beloved son.

Her worship and faith are evident
her house would joyful be.
Do I praise in prayer?
And his face delight to see?

The’re making food for the prophets
Grabbing wild plants
There’s poison in the pot
With some flower Elisha????


God’s extraordinary and miraculous care meets and exceeds our needs. (P1)
God’s extraordinary and miraculous care is a gracious gift. (P2)

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-11-16!
Jonathan Moorehead (visiting speaker)
How to Handle Criticism

How to handle criticism
and the effects it has in life
It can make some people quit, give up
and fill our life with strife.

Godly or ungodly, criticism can be both

Criticism is for your good.
It helps you to see how you are
Other people can see you clearly
even your own heart can from truth be far.

A clear conscience can be deceptive
our heart can lead us astray
God is working all things for good.
To make us more like him day by day.

Criticism will certainly change you.
Make you hard or help you grow.
We need to listen and consider
not blame shift or ignore, but be glad that now we know.

A humble person is thankful,
when others speak, reprove
If we ignore, deny we’re stupid
Our attitude this face can prove.

If we reject criticism,
we are foolish and don’t change.
This will lead to sudden destruction,
and our thoughts can be deranged.

The default should be to listen,
Assume what they say is true.
Be slow to speak, quick to listen,
ask questions and to grow.

Express appreciation
for their willingness to share
Faithful are wounds of a friend
Their bold love shows they care.

Ask other godly people,
Your wife or friend whose close
How have I been proud in life,
give me a healthy dose.

Accept unjust criticism,
for unity with grace.
Entrust yourself to the God whose just,
for we will see his face.

Anticipate your sarcasm.
Make a plan for how to change.
Thank those who have approached you.
In the world, this may seem strange.

Can you call others to imitate
the way your life is lived?
Pray for humility,
and know that God will give.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-11-20
Jonathan Moorehead (visiting speaker)
Romans ???

We were late today so didn’t get notes.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-11-20!
Jonathan Moorehead (visiting speaker)
James 2 – Gospel and Apologetics

The gospel and apologetics,starts with our sin and need.
We are sinful never seeking God, as we have pride and greed.

Jesus takes the wrath of man, God’s full wrath poured out on him.
We are now called to repent, only in him the forgiveness of sin.

We’re pronounced righteous by faith alone, fully for the glory of Christ.
It is a gift, freely given, not by works or efforts or the likes.

So how in James are our works so important?
Context, context important to know.
James about responding to trials,
leading to giving the cost to show.

Dead faith says, but doesn’t do.
Words are cheap, easy to say.
How do we know saving faith, is really, truly, true?

Is there such a thing as non-saving faith?
A faith that knows, but doesn’t save.
The demons know, and they shudder
Non-saving faith knows but doesn’t save.

There are signs of true saving faith
Justification: pronounced righteousness by God in law
Vindication: proving a claim by evidence
Faith is proven by what it does, and how it acts, and what men saw.

If someone says, “I’m a Christian, with faith”
but lives like the devil, it’s not true.
If a brother is poor and living in need,
We’ll see our faith by what we do.

Faith and works are inseparable.
Like a coin needs both sides to be real.
Faith and works must come together.
If faith brings no works, what you say is not the real deal.

Demons have a kind of faith.
They know the gospel and the doctrine of God.
Many “believers” know the Bible
But is God the Lord, the one we follow with love and rod?

Living faith, he uses Abraham to prove
Abraham believed and actions followed.
He then goes further to point to Rahab,
She took great risk and the spies allowed.

Abraham, Rahab, two very different people
God saves his people always the same way.
Faith is how God works in his people.
They both then have generous hospitality.

James and Paul not standing as enemies.
They are standing back to back.
Paul addresses legalistic salvation.
James the libertine idea that we just need faith if our works still lack.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-11-20
Thanksgiving Fellowship Testimonies, etc.

God’s longsuffering at the sin of this world.
Fellowship of believers when our lives are unfurled

God’s provision in trama, all the help he provides
Rest and Growth when with him we abide.

Thankful for Grace Church, a family at rest
The care of the saints, God’s provision is best.

Fixing a house after a parent’s death
Gave opportunity to appreciate that God gave every breath

Sharing the gospel, a chance to connect.
Of God’s story through life a chance to recollect.

Came to the church after got married
blessed by so many and by their care carried.

Expecting a child, the first one to come
God knows us and cares as shown by his son.

This world can be scary, glad God’s in control
With him and through him, we continue to roll.

God in his wisdom leads where we’re to be.
He is with us in struggle, though our eyes may not see.

That God would save a wretch like me, when hell is what we’re owed.
Being the wife of a wonderful husband, and our children all in tow.

Grateful to see my parents, unbelievers though they are.
For everyone in the church, forever we’ll worship from near or far.

Why did God save me, though living deep in sin?
Because he did for his own glory, my new life then to begin.

He provides as he leads us, when the path it may seem long.
He saves us and molds us, and leads us in worship song.

God is joy, his word sufficient. His ways higher than our ways.
God will always be with us. For all of our days.

God saved me this year. Count it all joy in trials.
God calls his children, and gives peace through the miles.

A season of suffering. A season of hope.
He protects us with peace ?????

God led to the church, used you to encourage and guide
Thankful to you to help us in Christ abide.

“Thankful for you, held up in our prayers”
in a season of trials, grateful for your cares.

The next generation growing up in the Lord
trials reveal sin, help us to repent and adore.

Thank God for you, as we start life together.
The ladies of the church, come along to us teather.

God teaching us to number our days
He works all for good, in all of his ways.

The Lord’s given peace, through the truths of the Bible
and through faith shown through works, you have brought us a smile.

The things of this world, though seen passing away
He is our God each and every day.

Where would we be, without the Lord?
His plans they will be, by the strength of his Word.

He saves us provides, when we do not deserve.
I’m thankful for all, who came here to serve.

Children to the faith, it brings a great joy.
Trials point us to true hope, all for his glory.

Look back at my life, away from the Lord
The Lord sent a friend through the Gospel, adored.

Beautiful life, God walks hand in hand.
This family a blessing, it helps me to stand.

Psalm 100 come with worship and praise
He is the one who made us let our voices raise.

God is always faithful, no matter how I feel.
He holds us and strengthens, lets us know he is real.

Deacon, a servant, all the work volunteer.
Grateful for all you do, to serve and to cheer.

Encourage, rebuke, study the Word
The body of Christ, the Word seen and heard.

Thank the Lord for his goodness, all the time, day by day.
He keeps us in the battle, joy in trials today.

Developing perseverance, giving wisdom for all
Every good and perfect gift from our Father does fall.

Bible Study Fellowship 10 – Monday, 2022-11-21
Cary Michalak
2 Kings 6:8-14:29

God protects from every fear, government, and disease
If we let our hope in government rest, it will break and ??????

God sent the message to turn to him.
The nation, Him rejected.
God preserved a remnant
And this remnant he accepted.

God promises to preserve us through the world’s difficulties (AIM)
God Delivers, Steadies and Secures and makes his people ready.

The army surrounds Elijah, his servant cannot see.
God opens his eyes and now he sees the army around in the trees.

As we look at the world we may be amazed
our friends and family do not see.
If they don’t know Christ and follow him
they’re as blind and blind can be.

The enemy blind, surrounded, in the hands of the king.
Kill them? No, but feast them. Let years of peace to bring.

Troubles bring belief in God, to call to or to blame.
God gives warning in danger, to reject or to claim.

Starving in the city, bird dung brings a price.
Elijah says by tomorrow, the situation will be nice.

The servant scoffs at God, Elijah says he won’t eat.
When the food is there, the people rush and trample him under their feet.

God delivers his children through the world’s troubles. (P1)

Elisha says the king will recover, but in fact will die.
He stares and says what Hazel (??) will do as king ???????

Jezebel thrown from a window
Eaten by the dogs, God used Jehu to judge. ????????

Jehu then falls away
Like so many in this life??????????

God steadies his children through the world’s turmoil. (P2)
Kings and prophet pass.
God secures his children through the enemy’s opposition (P3)
God’s plans will always last.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-11-23

We were not there this week.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-11-27
Dean Good
Membership Class: Atonement???

Watched online, not able to take notes.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-11-27
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:10-11

We are born in the world, we are born to serve.
We serve ourselves, our lusts, our ways, get what I want, what I “deserve”.

Actually slaves of Satan, not ourselves when we are slaves to lusts
When Christ comes in and sets us free, we become his slave as in him we trust.

From when we wake until we sleep, and even sleeping itself.
Is all to be for God’s glory, fully, not half for him and half for self.

As we’ve received a special gift, use it for God’s glory and others to bless.
Serve not our way, or the ways of men, but in his ways to serve and rest.

Some calls the same: holy and pure; some calls given to each one.
Our service is measured by how we use what he’s given, what we’ve done.

Bible teachers to teach the world, not our own ideas and thoughts
Teach the Word with power and truth, teach it with fear as we ought.

Teach always in the fear of the Lord, not church, others, family.
Teach by the strength that God provides, as he provides abundantly.

Necessity, source, magnitude, purpose, result, acquisition.
Serving God by God’s strength having no other position.

Our culture always wants to affirm, no matter what we do.
God says how, when, where to serve, and judges what is not true.

Men can do many things, living by their own strength.
It can look good to other men, as we go to great length.

God accepts the one who does God’s will, in God’s way, by God’s strength, for God’s glory.
All can do it by the power of God, for his glory live his story.

We only can live in God’s strength, when we see our own weakness and sin.
Some marks of one serving in their own strength, Let the list begin:

Prayerlessness and Pride, seeking recognition
If no one knew, would you still serve? Living for God on mission.

Complain a lot, even when they serve, this is in their own strength
The source of the strength, what God supplies, a gift from God by grace.

God provides for us to live for him. He gives the gift and strength.
By Grace from the Holy Spirit, his strength from length to length.

The magnitude of God’s strength, abundant, not small or withheld.
He provides abundantly to follow him, he provides, his power never failed.

No one can fight God or thwart his ways, he gives this power to us.
Ephesians 1, from 18 on, can we see the power of God and trust?

The strength of his might, brought in through Christ. Given unto us.
He gives this power that we may serve, serve as in him we trust.

The purpose of this strength, not our glory but his. Serving for ourselves? No power is there.
The world may praise and say “Well done”. But our heart God sees and cares.

He will always supply all that we need, when truly him we serve.
He sees the heart, and provides all we need. ????

How do we know… for him? for self? our hearts will often know.
Often with a sober spirit, quietly and not for show.

From fervent love, given by him, even for those we may not like.
Not complaining, inside or out, but trusting and doing what’s right.

Walk in a manner living for God, bearing fruit for him.
That person will be strengthened, steadfast and patient living for him and not for sin.

The goal isn’t fire for the Lord, it’s enduring to the end.
Not a quick act, but pushing on, only done by the strength he does send.

Patience = suffering long, no matter what people do or say.
If you need a “Good job”, trouble will come, live only for him today.

Joyously, living for him. Not by our natural power.
When living by his strength, we’ll have joy no matter the hour.

Do you think you can do it on your own? By your wisdom, power, and ways?
God calls us to serve only in his strength in the “impossible” all of our days.

If not serving by God’s strength, it’s due to your own pride.
Humble yourself, acknowledge him, only with him abide.

Always acknowledge him, know all good things are from him.
When we see it’s all from him, our joy and freedom will begin.

When you need anything, Ask him for that need.
Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask. He’ll supply for every need.

Seek the will of God, want all and only what he gives.
Isaiah chapter 40, all is by, for, and from him.
Even when we’re weary, he’ll give the strength to live.

Martha served in many ways. Mary sat before the Lord.
Jesus said only one thing was needful, to know him and to adore.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-11-28
Video from BSF
Introduction to the Prophets

No notes taken.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-11-30
Jonathan Underhill
Psalm 141 (Series: Psalms)

Psalmist feeling helpless, his situation we do not know.
The truth is that he needs to cry out, the Lord will help him go.

Do you feel trapped today? Helpless in a fight?
Let’s look to David’s example, doing what is right.

He first calls to the Lord, not looking first for solutions.
His prayer, a prayer of the saints, is an offering ????

The daily sacrifices, morning and the evening.
Hands open to God, showing honesty and opening.

Leave behind deceit, be honest in the situation.

In hard situations, there are things to be aware.
Don’t say things that you wish you hadn’t, some things you shouldn’t share.

Be careful of resentment, of frustration all built up.
Don’t strive for things that are not right ???

Be careful of a “friend” who leads you to destruction.
We want friends willing to correct us, and offer us instruction.

Jeremiah 8:22, Oil on the head, healing and protection,
Not in our own strength, but let God who brings resurrection.

Trusting God to provide, not letting things to rob us
Unbelief – to try our way, not trusting God will bless us.

Depend on our own weakness – when we depend on ourselves.
We need to trust his strength and way, as David here tells.
David’s hope is in the Lord, his eyes on God, not the traps.
We need to shift our focus from the dangers to God’s maps.

Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2022 October (GCNO & BSF)

The following are my rhyming notes from October 2022. They include notes from church and from BSF. I have not edited them after church other than correcting spelling, etc. while typing. You will see some areas with “????”, where I couldn’t rhyme them quickly enough while taking notes and still pay attention to the sermon. The goal is to help me focus while listening, not to have a perfect poem at the end.

I enjoyed the review just now while typing my notes. Perhaps they can be a blessing and nice review for you as well.

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Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-10-02
Chris Pierre
Genesis 49:13-18

Jacob in order talking to sons
Now jumps to nine, Leah’s Zebulun

Zebulun “dwelling”, says where he will dwell
Down at the beach with the ships and the shells.

“Seas” not “sea” at both Galilee and Mediterranean
He’ll have lots of trade and traveling men.

His side to Siden, Aster between.
but Asher never conquered so the prophecy was seen.

Dan won’t be double minded, be like Zehulun focused.
Walk by faith ??????????

Son number nine, Leah’s fifth child.
The son of the Mandrakes, the Son Issachar

Issachar “wages” conceived under hire.
Tradition says a student of the Torah’s desire.

Issachar a strong donkey, Laying between bags or the sheep.
Donkeys are prized, a value to keep

Issachar a worker, between Mounts Tabor and Tilborah
Fertile land to be seen, he lives with hard labor.

At the end of the day our rest is in Christ.
Being found in him now, all the labor is blessed.

Issachar’s sons, understanding the times, ready to fight.
and do what is right.

We can be quick to help, to see others needs.
Carry each other’s burdens, get down in the weeds.

Leah’s sons finished, now move on to the maids.
Dan “the serpent” from Bilhah, for Rachel to aid.

Rachel’s issue was jealousy, from husband divided.
Living for herself, by her plan, “with God sided”.

She says plan from God, though by her way and her plan.
Still left unsatisfied, still wants another man.

Dan included in the blessing, in judgment will sit.
Not a second class son, will judges beget?

Sampson a Danite, strong in the flesh.
Set aside for God’s service, though filled with regret

Dan is a snake, where and what is he doing?
Sampson like Rachel, by the flesh he was doing.

Like a snake in the path, Sampon Philistines struck.
Dan “snakes” and “heals”, a heal biting serpent ????

Dan reflects Satan, a heal biting serpent
Seeing higher goals, through idols do make.

Dan’s territory first stolen from another tribe.
Then a center of idol worship, shrunk away as a tribe.

Not mentioned at the end in Revelation Seven,
But will ultimately be blessed, in the kingdom of heaven.

We wait for salvation, from God’s strength not ours.
Not seeking our plans, but His plans and adore.

Salvation is coming, his reward is with him
Yeshua is here, provide salvation from sin.

Seen by those who were looking, Simon saw and held
Don’t scheme, make your plants, with him we will dwell.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-10-2
Kevin Williamson
Acts 17

How preach the gospel? Culturally fit and water down?
Paul preaches on Mars Hill, culture, truth. ?????

Seven groups to whom Paul preached
In the synagogues the Jews to reach.

Some Jews believe, others reject.
Thessalonica, Berea search the scriptures, God calls his elect.

Different locations, God has prepared
Religious or moralists, with them he all shared.

God fearing Greeks, combine culture and faith.
Jewish diaspora, an influence does make.

Greeks thought Jews interesting, but their ethics respect.
We’ve had the same here Christian influence respect.

Agitators come, set the city to fight.
Rooted in jealousy, attack and accuse, guilt by association, sedition not right.

Teaching the brethren, keep Paul safe and provide.
Then the idolaters and superstitious go stride.

These people are “spiritual” create their own ways
Not knowing the true God, or him to obey.

Teaching the psychologists, out in the market.
Looking for ideas, debate and embark on it.

Debate, self improvement, how handle suffering in life.
Ignore pain or push through it, Epicurean/Stoic. ????????????

Neither wanted resurrection, they want to end pain
Ultimate goal was happiness and gain.

Not seeking excessive pleasure, they knew it brought pain.
Just be happy, and live, and have a small gain.

We hear this today, just be happy, happy place
If you’re happy, I’m happy, as we do through life’s race.

“God wants you to be happy”, the ultimate goal
not thinking of death or what happens to your soul.

The stoics want knowledge to gain it through pain.
The pluralists want new teaching, not just always the same.

Coexist and have peace, we all can agree.
Don’t be too zealous, let everyone be free.

When pluralism enters the church, saying all is okay.
It causes many problems and the church falls away.

Five points of Paul’s message, with introduction start
Paul relates to their interests, he speaks to their heart.

Then he speaks boldly, their ignorance proclaim.
God made the world, all from him by his name.

Not from many God’s or philosophies of men
He points to one God, the conversation to begin.

Acts 7:48 a similar teaching
The most High has all, not needing our reaching.

God made it all, and predestines all men
Our lives and our nations, all are sustained and act through him

God is exalted, only he is holy.
but he lives with the humble and contrite, the lowly

Paul calls them to turn, and to find life in him.
Why does Paul quote their prophets?  ????????????

Knowing literature and poetry can help us relate.
To share the truth of the gospel, and clearly to state.

God is Creator, invisible, unseen.
No idol can replace him, be exchanged to be seen.

The fullness of God can’t be reduced to wood or stone
Judgment is coming, we can be with him or alone.

We don’t want to repeat, we just want to hide
This time of ignorance is over, we need to repent and abide.

God has fixed a day, righteous judgment is coming
He gives proof, resurrection, He is again coming.

The response? Yes! No! Wait. not ready to believe
Mockers and Receivers, preach no matter if they receive.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-10-03
Cary Michalak
2 Kings 15:1-24

Faith has knowledge but also more
following, choosing to live, adore

Faith or Fear, Freedom, Slave
A hard, but simple choice our souls can save

God strengthens those who depend on him (AIM)
King Abijah chose to walk in sin.

What are children learning? What do they believe?
Not only facts and time at church, but a heart that fully can receive.

If God’s not above all else in our lives, our heart’s divided with the world.
Our children will learn to walk away, God’s word won’t be heard.

Call sin for sin, don’t soften blows, call it as it is.
Softening sin can lead to death, ?????????????

Abaju surrounded, called to God in a time of need.
God saved and took the day, ?????????????

Leaders sometimes claim to know the Lord, but the impact is not seen.
Watch their lives and hear their heart, your eyes need to be keen.

After David, kings fell away. Why did God faithfully hold?
He is faithful to his word, his steadfastness makes us bold.

The sacrifice of Jesus, how is it working in your life?
Plans and schemes, how are they working? Trust him with your life?

Someone walking with the Lord, seems to be with him.
Their time with Jesus if not held high, they can fall to sin.

Dependent children: God calls his people to wholeheartedly depend on him.
The Etheopians came to attack and ???????????

When trials come, what do you do? Complain or Joyful live?
Celebrate in trials, through them, God growth does give.

God is with you when you’re pursuing him.
Seek and knock, he’ll open the door, do it time and again.

What is your seeking looking like? Daily pursuing him?
Is your time and effort seeking God, or distracted into sin?

Asa faithful all his life, fell away in the end.
When crisis came he followed the world over God, this is a dead end.

In trials we see our heart. Where does our allegiance lie?
Do we trust in God above, follow until we die?

Sought the counsel of doctors. Replace the hand of God.
Where do I turn to truffles? The world or turn to God?

Faithful Father: God is faithful even when our faith falters.
Lord, this is true, help me believe, my life lay at your alter.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-10-05
Ken Ellis
Psalm 134 (Series: Psalms)

Psalms 134, the last Psalm of Ascent
An exhortation to obey and bless him and not relent.

Pilgrims now all heading home
Discussing the time before God’s throne.

Praise and Glory to God the Lord,
He is the only and always to be adored.

Ephesians recalls some blessings he’s given.
Elected, selected, saved and sealed.

The night shift always on task, alert.
The joyful servants, active, not inert.

God has called us Royal Priests.
Know and serve him, the greatest and least.

Anna, in the temple day and night.
Worship, serve him, have him as her light.

Useless mediations profitless talk
Instead worship, serve him and with him walk.

Christ in the place of our future Glory
Lift up hands and praise, tell his story.

Worship God actively, not passive attendance.
The heart lifted up, with joy and dependance.

All perfect gifts come from God to us,
With his power and love, trust him we must.

Psalm 127 and 128, trust God’s strength and not ours.
Children are a blessing, generations go on for years, days, and hours.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-10-09
Chris Pierre
Genesis 49:19-21

Jacob’s blessing to the next three sons, one verse there for each.
Gad and Asher from Rachel, Naphtali from Leah we’ll reach.

Rachel wanted children, planned in the flesh to do.
Bilhah have a baby, on Rachel’s knees, all came true.

Gad the tested troup, from Leah’s handmaid did give
He will be attacked, east of the Jordan stopped to live.

Living east of Jordan, raided and attacked.
God used this for their good, to repent of the faith they lacked.

They put away their idol’s, turned back to the God they knew.
God relented, gave them strength, gave perseverance, made them new.

The Gadites became warriors, trained for battle, ready to fight.
Captains of the army, David’s mighty men, gave him delight.

If we are true believers, we will be like Gad.
We will be attacked, afflicted, saved by Jesus and be glad.

Whoever’s born of God, overcomes the world.
Our faith, through Jesus Christ, trust in his holy Word.

It is good to be afflicted, cause us to seek refuge.
When we come to Jesus, he never will refuse.

Asher, the blessed bread basket, through Zilpah Leah gained.
Asher means “happy”, for Leah’s happiness was named.

The brothers had gone to Egypt to find food to stay alive.
They’d been kept alive by Joseph, they found when they did survive.

No food can make one angry, rich food to happy make.
Asher would have royal food, give to others to partake.

Asher’s land full of olives, even to this day.
Had no real military, agricultural his land did stay.

Jesus broke the bread, then his body broken.
Through brokenness it came, blessing it was spoken.

Naphtali, the delightful doe, from Rachel’s handmade came.
Naphatali ,means to wrestle, Rachel wanted to win and overcame.

Rachel didn’t see her sin, her selfishness and pride.
Even when Joseph came, she wanted another son at her side.

A doe? A wrestler? A dove will run away.
Naphtali a doe let loose, set free from the fight that day.

Nephtali not a fighter, instead marked by his words.
Beautiful words he used, truth to be heard.

Nephtali, through Barak, wrote of victory in battle.
God will be our shield, with him our faith need not rattle.

Jesus called his disciples from the land of Naphtali.
They brought beautiful words of Life, for all the world to see!

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-10-09
Pastor Mark Rice (Pastor Dean Good is traveling)
Psalm 2

Mandatory evacuation, some stay and some go
Hear the warning, heed or let it go?

Psalm 2 gives a warning, that all the world must hear.
God’s judgement it is coming. Flee to Christ, while he is near.

Psalm 1 introduces the Psalms, Psalm 2 the follow up.
David the king with a little “k”, Jesus the true Kingship.

The peoples reaction to the coming judgment of God.
Why do they rage against him, when he will upon them trod?

Nations and peoples, against the Lord rebel.
Want to overthrow the government of God, not with him to dwell.

The righteous meditate on God’s word, always, day and night.
The nations of the world meditate on overthrowing God by their own might.

The kings and rulers of the the earth stand against God, and his Anointed
They stand together, though they hate each other and are disjointed against God.

“Let us throw off the bonds of God” throw off his rule and hand,
They want to be the Lord, not to listen to God’s command.

Peter and John released from prison, then recall Psalm Two.
Filled with the Holy Spirit, began to speak what’s true.

Speak the word of God with confidence, not worried for our life.
Though the world will be against us, and give us momentary stress. ??????

How does God respond? His sovereignty complete.
He sits on his throne in heaven, he works them at his feet.

God will bring revenge, that’s his job and not ours.
He mocks them and will judge, our job to love and preach at all hours.

He speaks in his anger, the righteous anger against sin and sinners.
They are terrified, hide in caves, not like the winners.

God did declare, at the beginning of the earth
That his king, his Son, would give the world new birth.

Mount Moriah, a simple hill, he will make it glorious.
The king installed by God, all will hear his loud voice.

The Son, anointed, committed to the Father’s will.
Glorify the Father, repeating his word, his ways to fulfill.

The Son, always God, not become God at incarnation.
The ruler with authority, for grace, peace and incarceration.

At the transfiguration, God calls Jesus his chosen one.
He will reign and rule, we’re to listen to his Son.

You shall break them with a rod of iron, a command to him from God.
Through the nations look for victory, Jesus will upon them trod.

Iron smashing clay, shattered into pieces.
We cannot resist God, our power it all ceases.

Revelation 2, to the church in Thyatira.
The Father gave the authority, including the church with him to strive.

Revelation 19, look in verse 11,
The rider on a white horse strike and rule from heaven.

Revelation 19:20, sitting on the thrones.
The martyrs reign with him, while unbelievers groan.

The final battle comes, all the saints surrounded.
Fire comes from heaven, the enemies all are grounded.

Why not judge sin now? The final kingdom brought?
He shows the perfect rule on each, the kingdom we have sought.

The books, they are all opened, judgment finally comes
The rebellion all is finished, and death is all done.

The final call to repentance in Psalm two: ten to twelve
When nations and people repent, with him in wisdom dwell.

Listen to the warning, show insight and repent.
If we will flee to Christ, from judgment he’ll relent.

Serve the Lord with fear, Yahweh the king of kings
This fear it brings true worship, his praise forever sing.

Rejoice in him with trembling, embrace him not revolt.
Kiss the Son in adoration, lest he become angry and judgment hold.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-10-10
Duane Linder
BSF 4: 1 Kings 15:25-18:46

Where there is no vision the people perish, when we go our own way
Disaster comes into our life, just as God did say.

But God pursues, and brings us down, convicting us of sin.
He makes us a new man and lets a new life begin.

Ground a new believer in God’s word, let them teach, convict.
Have one God, there is no other, the cost of sin is strict.

Our only hope is Jesus, only him our sin remove.
Last week we watched two kings, cry to God and watch him move.

“God’s pursuing Love”, “God Himself is mankind’s deepest need.” (AIM)
When we walk away from God, this can pass to our seed.

Sin can continue to spiral, getting worse and worse.
But God can intervene, in these verses through Elijah’s verse.

Pray that God would do whatever it takes, to bring us to our knees.
Be it drought and famine, the hard times can truly set us free.

Hosea 2:14, in the desert, God softly speaks.
In the desert, pleasure gone, can lead our heart to seek.

The sovereignty of God, we’re helpless in ourselves.
Only God can give us life, and bring his children to with him dwell.

God’s ends Elijah, “My god is the Lord” to a people who were in need.
“God provides grace to sinners”, this grace can set us free. (P1)

When we are in the wilderness, walking by faith not by sight.
When he calls, will you listen? And obey and do what’s right?

Have you learned that he’s sufficient, to meet all of your needs?
How does this affect your life and your constant plea?

Elijah asked the widow, for food and for drink.
She responded in faith, and saw God provide, he did not let her sink.

Then her son died anyhow, she Elijah blamed.
By God’s power alone, the boy was brought back, through Elijah he was raised.

Someday our bodies renewed, beyond this life of sin.
Jesus resurrection power, he gives life and hope again.

“God provides resurrection power to believers” We need not fear. (P2)
We need not be afraid, as long as God is near.

Obediah, reverent of Elijah, obeys and tells the king.
Ahab is defiant, but listens to bring the prophets of Baal to the ring.

Elijah vs the priests, True God vs idols
God came on with power.

The people say the Lord is God, slaughter the priests of Baal.
Purge the evil from your mists, of God’s glory tell.

“God provides powerful preaching to bring men to repentance.” (P3)
Our heart is still to sin and comes at a great consequence.

When people descend into sin: chaos, conflict, sin.
Our hope is not in the world, but for God his work to begin.

People need to hear the gospel, to solve our biggest need.
Go into the world proclaiming him in word and deed.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-10-12
Jonathan Underhill
Psalm 136 (Series: Psalms)

Psalm 136 a call to praise, his loving kindness is everlasting.
Who God is. What God’s done. These bring praise and singing.

Creation, Redemption, The works God’s done
Now look at who he is, Holy one.

Who is God? A covenant God, his promises he keeps.
The God above all other God’s higher by bounds and leaps.

He who created everything, every knee will bow
Some try to avoid this inevitable truth, but truth will not allow.

Only God can carry out great wonders on the earth.
Creation and Redemption, Create and give new birth

The small wonders of the Egyptians, were small and faced defeat.
The majesty of God’s wonders, no one else can beat.

The universe, clockwork moon, point to the great Creator
The lights above, show times and seasons, and do so with great order.

God destroys the enemies, great kings of the people.
Out of Egypt, into to the land, build his house and steeple.

The natives were giants, the people afraid, defeat them they cannot
God worked his plan, by his great power, divided the land by lot.

We so often forget what God has done, begin to live in fear.
We used to depend on his plan and work, knowing he is near.

The people were in bondage, needing a rescuer.
They from Egypt, all from sin, Jesus is the doer.

The people didn’t leave Egypt and then wanted to return.
God needed to grab them, then help them to learn.

God leads us by still water, through the shadow of death.
He saves us from ourselves, and gives us life and breath.

The people, they were useless, a small and feeble band.
Our master gives us everything, all creation at his command.

Those who think that they have power, miss the power of the truth.
We need to come to him in meekness, trusting him to doeth.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-10-16
Chris Pierre
Genesis ???

Joseph the most blessed brother, Rachel’s oldest son
She tried to do it her way, but fulfillment was not won.

Now the focus is not on Rachel or her sister, but on God’s provision.
Joseph “Jehovah has added”, not her plans or husband’s vision.

Joseph is a fruitful branch, producing fruit for others.
Fruitful in Egypt even before the famine, to save his brothers.

God sent Joseph and delivered, God worked out his plan.
A fruitful plant by a spring, God grew up the man.

God alone can do it, not by our plan or strength
Psalm one reminds us a man in God’s word will be a tree with life.

Joseph’s procurability, growing big and fast
Overgrew the wall, spread to others to help them last.

We can take the gospel, the grace that we’ve received
and overflow to the nations, to those who are deceived.

Joseph new a fruitful branch, before was a firm bow
Provoked by the bow of others, attacked wouldn’t let him go.

That archers provoked him, showed bitterness ??????
The next time we see “bitterness” they’re slaves in Egypt ??????

The archers shot at him, desiring to kill
The archers hostile to him, to hate, to them to hurt a thrill

Jacob says “the others” but Joseph’s brothers, they all knew
They were the archers, and other archers then came too.

Joseph’s bow persisted, he never shot back or hid
He endured in faith, not attacking those who did.

Joseph held fast to God’s promises and word
with Potiphar and prison remembered what he’d heard

Joseph held fast to God, giving glory to him.
Even when he had power, didn’t shoot back and sin.

We may be deeply wounded, can be angry want revenge
We may withdraw or go attack, We need to trust God to avenge

Why does God allow these bad things to come into your life?
We may not understand, but he gives faith in the strife.

The bow provided by the bow of God
God was with him in the struggles, protect and comfort with his rod.

Moving through the darkest valley, God does with us go.
We have a destination, we’ll go through, God’s strength we will know.

A full blessing, a sacred blessing, from God alone they come
A surrounding blessing, God’s everywhere, all knowing, from him they come.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ.
A special blessing, double inheritance, Ephraim/Mennassah fruitful tribes.

The same God who was with Joseph, to bless, protect, receive.
That same God is with us, he’ll never from us leave.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-10-16
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:7-11

The atoning work of Christ, covering our sin.
now Christ works for us to grow beyond where we begin.

Follow Christ in suffering, he died the just for the unjust.
Therefore since Christ has suffered, we too will suffer, we must.

1 Peter 4:7-11, follow Christ in sobriety, in light of eternity.
Love one another, serve by God’s strength, his glory to see.

Where love of God is true, service will out flow.
Christ, full of perfect love, sacrificial service he did know.

Christ is a servant, from beginning to end
As followers of Christ, we love and service rend.

Service reflected in his title, Incarnation, too.
in His stated purpose, example on earth to me and you.

Reflected in his ministry in heaven
and his future ministry in his return.

Finally reflected in his call to you and me
Christ, God’s servant, came to set us free.

Christ, servant in his title, called by the Father’s will
to serve and save and bring forth light, to bring life, not to kill.

“My servant will prosper, he’ll be high and lifted up.”
The iniquities all land on him, Christ, the servant, drank the cup.

Servant in his incarnation, poured out himself to death.
Philippians Chapter Two, act not for conceit or for self

Christ emptied himself. What does this mean?
He was still God, humbled himself, in humility seen.

He took the form of a slave, though he would be king.
When he came as a baby, humbly as a man, to death he would fling.

The very Word of God, served to be a slave and die.
His stated purpose to serve, give himself and die.

He gave his life for you, that you might know the God of truth.
Through his time on Earth we see his example from his youth.

Christ did not one moment, for himself, to live.
Teaching, preaching, healing, his life was lived to give.

When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion served.
We often see him tired, but he pushed through and persevered.

Many work hard for money, serving for their self
Christ worked to give and serve, giving of himself.

My food is to do the will of him who sent
He also served his disciples, his efforts to them rent.

Jesus washed their feet, the work of the lowest slave.
We’re washed in the blood of Christ, daily sanctified to save.

You do to each other, as I have done to you.
Jesus’ present ministry in heaven, still praying and serving me and you.

Jesus at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us.
His future ministry, return in glory, he is the king and judge.

Blessed are the slaves, ready for his return.
He will serve them in his glory, his people he will not spurn.

He called his disciples to service, to love each man as his brother.
We are not here to be great men, to lord it over others.

The temptation leaders have, to Lord it over the flock
A true leader shall be the servant, a slave, standing on the rock.

Not for recognition, money, applause or power live
We are to sacrificially serve, our very lives to give.

1 Peter 4:10-11 use the given gifts to give.
For his glory and dominion, for him alone to live.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-10-17
Jim Miller
1 Kings 19–21

Elijah a letter from Jezebel received.
He would the next day of his life be relieved.

He ran to the desert, under a broom tree.
Ready to die, of his life to be free.

He prayed to the Lord, tired and done.
His zeal for the Lord was real, not just for fun.

An angel provided water and food.
Does it again, to keep up his mood.

As he ran 40 days protected by God
Over the desert to a cave he did trod.

God passed by in the wind, earthquake, fire.
A whisper from God, when Elijah’s situation was dire.

God was near, a whisper can use.
Elijah, why are you here? I am with you.

Our strength alone will fail us. (P1)
but God’s strength alone sustains us.

What is so big in your life, you can’t fix or do it?
Go on your knees, and depend on him, and he will get you through it.

Ahab’s death is told and warned, Ahab still rejected.
Naboth’s vineyard catches his eye, he now feels quite dejected.

Ahab kills him, takes the land, Elijah comes to speak.
Ahab did evil before the Lord, the dogs his blood will drink.

Ahab is humbled, spared by God, the punishment delayed.
The punishment goes to his son, his judgment of Ahab stayed.

Accepting or rejecting the sustaining grace of God has eternal consequences. (P2)
We need to trust the living God, and lower our defenses.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-10-23
Chris Pierre
Genesis 49:27

Benjamin, the wolf, one of Jacob’s favorite sons
First we need to look back and see where he came from.

Genesis 35, God calls Jacob to go,
He has the idols put away, righteousness to sow

Jacob went to Bethel as God did first command,
God blesses Jacob, he’ll in Abraham’s blessing stand.

Rachel then gives birth, the birth severe, she died.
She had another son, all for what she tried.

She named her son Ben-oni, the son of my sorrow,
Remind him he killed his mom, from sin and pain his name did borrow.

Jacob renamed him Benjamin, son of my right hand.
Change the curse to blessing, for him to grow into a man.

Benjamin described, he is a ravenous wolf
A “wolf” in scripture, few and negative.

What does this short negative blessing mean? About Benjamin we know little.
About Benjamin’s descendants we have seen, the blessing a prophecy, ????

Ehud the judge, put a knife in a fat kings belly
Killed hundreds of Moabites, turned their enemies to jelly

The Benjamites rape a concubine, she then cut in pieces.
The Benjamites left handed slingers, in the battle the tribe almost ceases.

Benjamin started bad, but the evening is coming.
Benjamin divides the spoils, the victory is coming.

The Benjaminites wiped out, only 400 men are left.
The Israelites attacked a city, gave virgins to them as a gift.

Saul a Benjamite, David does not destroy.
He blesses Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s lame boy.

We are like Benjamin, full of death and sin.
Only in Jesus Christ, at God’s right hand, new life begin.

Paul the Apostle, started as a wolf devouring his prey.
Hunted the church of Christ, near and far, night and day.

Zealous for traditions, bound men and women, put to death.
Paul a ravenous wolf, ravaging the church with every  breath.

God the Father steps in, through Jesus Christ the Son.
Paul divides the spoils from a battle he had not won.

The inheritance is given, the spoils are divided.
Life in Jesus Christ, distributed through Paul, by Christ guided.

In the morning, hate and murder, the truth of Christ rejected.
In the evening giving life, looking forward, by Christ corrected.

Stop looking at our past, focus on Christ ahead.
Knowing life in Christ, he is risen from the dead.

Forgetting what lies behind, looking to what’s ahead.
Life in Jesus Christ, On firm ground in Christ we tread.

Share the spoil with the wolves, those still living in the dark.
The victory of Christ, in our life can make it’s mark.

The blessings now concluded, each one blessing all
He spoke to them the blessing, each one appropriate to their call.

Each one of them is different, the blessings are unique
God calls and saves and blesses, to each one of us does individually speak.

Jacob’s final command, his departure coming quick.
Bury me with my fathers, in the promised land to stick.

Jacob gathered to his people, they all belonged to God.
We are God’s own people, him our Father, others our family with them trod.

When a believer dies, we are not alone
In the presence of God’s people, with all whom he did atone.

You can’t have the light of life, while with the darkness bound.
We need new life in him, in Christ’s life to be found.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-10-23
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:7

“The end of all things is near” there is an end will come.
This should lead to love and service to God the Son.

Life in Christ has meaning, purpose, value, significance.
In all our work and living, we serve God not live by chance.

Life is work, work, work and die, vain and empty here.
Unless you serve the Living God. With him we have purpose and cheer.

Serving God an obligation, and a privilege and joy.
Christ gave the perfect example, to live and serve with joy.

As Christ was a servant, we are called to serve.
As ones who received the special gift, from our calling not to swerve.

God has provided, commanded, circumscribed and will measure our service.

He provided for each to serve,
What does God want me to do, go serve? His call is not a blur.

He calls each of us uniquely, he knows our special gifts.
He never asks us to do anything, beyond that which he lifts.

God’s provision is from his grace. Not something that we earn.
Not from our performance, his loving kindness does spurn.

God gives calling by his grace, and does his gifts supply.
They should not result in boasting, and by his grace we’ll try.

God has provided abundantly, many types and kinds.
Many gifts and talents, to use and with him bind.

The immeasurable goodness of God, he gives the gift to serve.
He gives more than we can imagine, abundance through his word.

God provides through the Holy Spirit, beyond the gifts all have.
When we are born again, he gives a gift ??????

God alone does save us, there’s nothing we can do.
1 Corinthians 12, the interdependence of me and you.

We together are one body, all of one Spirit filled.
If you are born again, you have the Spirit as God willed.

Our body, the temple of the Spirit, when we are born again.
He teaches, gives assurance and rescues us from sin.

The abilities that God gave, are for his service used.
The gifts are varied, but one God, how distributed he’ll choose.

Serving God equals contentment, with the call God gave.
Serve him whether big or small, he’s the one who will save.

All the gifts are his, to distribute as he wills.
It’s not our choice how to serve, and how us with his Spirit fills.

Four lists of the gifts of God. Some gifts are no longer given.
We need to use the gifts he gives, with his gifts be living.

If you are not serving, you are a hypocrite.
We are to serve in the ways he provides, to serve the body of Christ.

We’re called to serve the local church, not to clean the world.
Our message to the world, repent and turn to Christ. ?????

If we try to clean the world, without turning to Christ
we just make them like a white washed wall, dead though looks quite nice.

Ephesians 4 vs 7, serve and build the church.
Teach the word of God, to grow and glorify him????

Bible Study Fellowship 5 – Monday, 2022-10-24
Cary Michalak
1 Kings 11–14; 2 Chronicles 10–12

Aim: Refusing to seek and surrender to God, is rejecting God.

Four steps to destroy your life, seen in the life of Ahab
Step one don’t seek the Lord, his plans just go and do and grab.

Ahab pretends and asks, 400 prophets who will agree
Step two, surround yourself with friends, who always agree with what you see.

Instead we ought to surround ourselves with those who will call us out.
Those who think differently than us and will warn us with a shout.

Micaiah says the king will die, Ahab doesn’t listen.
The truth is there, and we reject, not living for his mission.

Ahab hides and tries to thwart the purposes of God.
God is supreme, his way will come, he’ll rule with strength and rod.

Divorce, Immorality, Cheating and Stealing, these are not okay.
When we go our way and ignore God, we’ll further and further stray.

It’s easy to destroy our life, follow our ways not His.

Refusing to seek God results in deception, leading to destruction. (P1)

God uses judgment to challenge us and let us know.
Discernment comes when we humble ourselves, this (??swented) it will show.

Refusing to surrender to God brings eternal consequences. (P2)

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-10-26
No notes.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-10-30
Dave Howard
Genesis 49:29-50:3

Begin and end with death, Jacob and then Joseph.
But the theme throughout is hope, this is the hope of both.

The grand burial procession, to a simple burial leads.
The brothers then are worried, Joseph they try to deceive.

Jacob draws his feet up, he has the physical strength.
He then calls his sons, with strength, then goes to death.

Jacob gives the charge, take my body to the land.
Before just to Joseph, now to the brotherly band.

Though Joseph has the faithfulness and power to fulfill this request.
The brothers all in the covenant, all of them by God blessed.

The world in which we live, all vanity unless
There’s something beyond, when we take our final rest.

“Gathered to his people” where Jacob had hope to go.
With Christ we all are gathered. In hell no friends to show.

Jacob then goes the way of all his fathers before.
At age 147, his God in spirit will adore.

Jacob’s death leads to mourning. Joseph’s and the nation of Egypt too.
Though Joseph had many years away from his father, his mourning deep and true.

There is grief in the loss of death, but we need to seek and learn.
What would God have us learn in it, to help us to him turn.

Joseph never questioned God, or doubted his guiding hand.
His father had life in God, though his body returned to the land.

Why should we mourn a death? Even Christ mourned Lazarus.
Death points to effects of sin, and the need for us to trust.

When king Asaph died, he did not consult the Lord.
He went to the physicians, showed where his faith was stored.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-10-30
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:10-11

Every Christian is full time, faithfully serve God’s call.
To be and do as God demands, to live for him our all.

Serve with thankfulness, to the Glory of God in obedience to his word.
No matter who sees, how much you make, obey the word you’ve heard.

How can I praise God? Bring glory to his name?
The only question we need to ask. Live for the Lord who came.

First three points last week,
God provided for, commanded and circumscribed our service.

God will measure our service, he is our true reward.
We are stewards of God’s grace, accountable to obey his word.

What is a steward? What does that mean for us?

Steward, “house manager”, in the culture a “slave”.
A manager for others, for what others gave.

They had freedom in their stewardship, they were not micromanaged.

God brought Joseph to Egypt, he did not know the plan.
He was faithful day by day, faithfully lived as God’s man.

Hard and manual labor, work faithfully with joy.
To the glory of God, work hard, grow to a man from a boy.

Potiphar left all in Joseph’s charge, he did not a worry have.
We too are to be a steward, over all God gave we have.

We are not our own, we are redeemed a slave
Given a new heart, freed from Satan, self, we’re saved.

It all belongs to him, he gives and takes away.
Whether you acknowledge him or not, it’s his to steward each day.

God has given us gifts, given us instructions.
God has given us time, will give reward ????

This applies to all of life, everything we have money, health, position opportunity
everything we have, all for his glory.

He’s given us instructions, told what we are to do.
The written word of God, instructions to see us through.

What God demands and provides, to serve in grace and truth
faithfully with joy, not to stand aloof.

Called to serve as he has said, not in our own way
Eyes fixed on the living God, an example of faithfulness each day.

The living word of God, tells how to do and think
The measure isn’t results, but did our words and actions link.

Many will say “Lord, Lord” and point to what they did.
God calls to obey his word, and in obedience live.

Live faithfully with sound words, the word of the Living God.
Steward faithfully, with him go out and trod.

God has given us time, we do not know how long.
Live today fully for him, don’t say “tomorrow” or further on.

Jesus said, “be alert”. We don’t know when he will come.
Who is the faithful servant, living faithfully for the Son?

Cursed is the slave, who lives for his own way.
The master returns unexpected, the slave doesn’t know the day.

We don’t need to know all the answers, just serve faithfully where we are.
husband, father, plumber, live faithfully for him not a star.

When living faithfully, we have nothing to fear.
The master can return, we’re glad to have him near.

Faithfulness to his call, not one particular job
Don’t hide what God has given, not lazy or a slob.

He just calls us to be faithful, not to greatness in this life.
Not to do what is wicked and lazy, will live a life or strife.

If with God gifts we are not faithful, they will be taken away
God delights to reward those who serve him: here, in the next life, today.

Are you being a faithful servant? Living daily for him alone?
Will you hear, “Well done good and faithful steward?” Christ did for us atone.

Bible Study Fellowship 7 – Monday, 2022-10-31
Duane Linder
BSF 7: 2 Chronicles 17:1–21:3

Aim: The Lord is our salvation

What does it mean to seek, the Lord with our whole heart?
Each one’s story is different, today Jehoshaphat’s does start.

God is the only one who calls, that can change a life.
Some he calls and others not, in this life full of strife.

Faith is something that can be learned, and be caught from others.
Where did you catch or spread along, to other sisters or brothers?

Are you working to spiritually grow, and encourage others to the same?
Walk in faith, by the power of God. Call out to his name.

God draws men to seek Him, turn from sin and obey his commandments. (P1)
Our alliance with God alone, not evil who promise advancements.

Ahab seeks God’s direction… after his plans were made.
He did what he did, not what God said, and at the end of the day he paid.

An evil spirit planned to deceive Ahab so he would die.
But God was in control of all, even spirits who lie.

Jehosaphat is surrounded, then he calls to the Lord.
God saves, pulls the enemy away, that he may be restored.

God humbles all his children that dependence we may know.
Have you been humbled and cried out in tears and repentance sow.

Nothing in this world can save you, it is by grace alone.
Through Christ by faith, a sinner, God can always atone.

Ahab hit by a “random” arrow, directed by the Lord.
God’s words come true, no matter our plans, as stated in his Word.

From this point on Jehosaphat changed following the Lord
Leads the country to fear the Lord, their hearts by him to guard.

The humble and desperate cry out in faith to the Lord for salvation. (P2)
To him we turn and run to him as he our heart will hasten.

Prayer is for us, to align our will to his.
Turn our eyes on God, to know what his will is.

Praise the Lord in battle, trusting in his power.
Seek God, glorify him in the darkest hour.

The battle is the Lord’s, he will fight the fight.
God is glorified, when it’s only by his might.

Even the enemies see, when it’s by God’s power alone.
God calls us to act, to see the weakness that is our own.

We don’t save anyone, only the Lord can save.
Our job isn’t to try to force others hearts, but to humbly come to pray.
We bring glory to God when we put our faith in him for our salvation. (P3)
May God do work in us, for our hearts to hasten.

Rhyming Sermon Notes: 2022 September (GCNO & BSF)

The following are my rhyming notes from September 2022. They include notes from church and from BSF.

I enjoyed the review just now while typing my notes. Perhaps they can be a blessing and nice review for you as well.

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Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-04
Sunday School – Chris Pierre
Philemon 1:4-7 (Series: Prayers of Paul)

Philemon, a little letter, big issues does address
with Definite Identity: to, from, about and how to bless.

The culture wants to define you, to take on an identity group.
Philemon’s time the same, your identity determined your troup.

Paul was the highest, strictly a Pharisee.
Persecuting lower groups as all of the leaders could see.

To Paul, the Jews and Gentiles, they could not interact.
But here writing one a letter, with care, it broke this fact.

Philemon was a Gentile, successful, wealthy, free.
He was a slave owner, no Jews in his circle would there be.

Onesimus a slave, forced and oppressed
Not considered human, certainly not blessed.

A slave who ran away, who stole when he did leave.
This letter involves all three men: sent, about, received.

Who are you in this letter? What is your identity?
Do you identify yourself with Position, Power, Poverty?

One thing to remember, all in this world will end.
The earthly things all fade away, our identity should not bend.

We’re tempted to identify, in the world, ourselves and value.
These things will quickly pass away, they all will come out hollow.

A question of identity, relationships concern.
Where do I fit? Who is my friend? What do I need to learn?

Faithful Love can change the story, from hate to unity.
Jesus Christ brings all the love we seek, and so can set us free.

The faithful love of God, in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Whoever believes in him, is moved from death to life.

The Savior and Redeemer, Promise Keeper, Faithful Love.
He is not dependent on you, His love is pre chosen by God above.

Love not at first sight, but first thought is freely given.
Love given before any good or bad, this Father’s love is driven.

The world’s love is all dependent on the object being “loved”.
Is it useful, good and pleasing, or should it just be shoved?

The faithful Love of God, defines his people individually in Jesus Christ.
When Jesus appeared to Paul, his work’s a useless heist.

Jesus is the identity of Paul, now a prisoner in Rome.
He has given up his all, his identity, his home.

Philemon “beloved”, “brother”, “fellow worker”, family language being used.
“Refreshing”, he is serving his identity is renewed.

Onesimus, the runaway, now changed in his heart.
A “child” of Paul, now helpful, though useless at the start.

Onesimus now back, not a slave, but a brother.
All three still who they are, with one identity changed to another.

These men individually changed, and changed relationally with each other.
Philemon now serving, to each they are a brother.

In faith we’re sons of God, not only slave or free.
God sets us free by his great work, his love we can clearly see.

How does love show with my wife? Distant? Selfish? Ignored?
Am I giving of myself, that she will be adored?

Our heart longs to relate deeply, to be known and yet still loved.
This love comes through God’s people, and ultimately from above.

Our default in our flesh, is to love ourselves, the world.
Though we are faithless, he’s faithful, by his love we’re encircled.

If we don’t experience his love, we need to ask where we have gone.
He hasn’t moved. He is still there. He is the faithful one.

Philemon loves “all the saints”, now Paul sends him a test.
Can you forgive? As a brother embrace? To love like all the rest?

God please give me your love. This prayer I need to pray.
Help me Lord to love my wife, to “do” not only “say”.

Help us to love the Lord, with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
The means of this love, through our knowledge of God at length.

Jesus in his people. His work in all our life.
We have it all in him. We can love and not have strife.

Can Philemon love the slave? Is his faith in Jesus real?
In marriage relationships and more, it’s based on Jesus, not what we feel.

God created us, with longings in our heart:
Identity, Love, Fellowship, and from him to end from start.

He loves us, Gives identity, only in His Son.
Eternal Fellowship, his love is never done.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-04
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:1-6 (v. 5)

A basic theme of the epistle: if in glory, in sufferings we too must share.
The prophets also, how these could work together were confused and unaware.

If we follow in Christ’s purpose, with changed heart and mind.
We want to do the will of God, the world’s rejection we will find.

Not living for ourselves, but only for God’s will,
The world will hate, reject you. Their heart will be revealed.

The world it lives in darkness, they do not like the light.
Their deeds are all for evil, the light they want to fight.

If not physically beaten, all verbally abused.
Blasphemed and reviled, as crazy be excused.

The world’s rejection of the Christian, is truly culpable.
They will need to give account, to the judge who is able.

They judge falsely and harshly, their judgment will be true.
Let this be an encouragement, to stand faithful and true.

Psalm 37 reminds us, to stand firm and not to fret.
Don’t envy evil doers, to pass away is what they’ll get.

Do not be impatient. Wait for the Lord, to inherit the Land
The Lord laughs and slays the wicked, in him we truly stand.

In Christ we’ll stand, the evil judged. They will give account.
We’ll give to the Judge a reckoning, to report the full amount.

Every word that’s spoken. Every deed that’s done.
We’re all stewards of the life he gave, will give account of the life we’ve run.

Jude reminds of God’s judgment, of all our thoughts, deeds, and words.
The evil give account of all their blaspheming, that has ever been heard.

Keep the Creator’s commandments, our only call in life.
Anything outside of this, will cause judgment to bring strife.

Account will be given, to the one they have blasphemed.
His works are good, just, and right, not just as it seemed.

God knows everything, he knows what is true.
All will get what they have earned, this is what he’ll do.

The judge is standing at the door, the people do not know.
The judgement quickly coming, the time not long to go.

The end of all things is near. It’s standing at the door.
Today could be the day you go, our God to stand before.

All will give account, there are none who will escape.
The final white throne judgment, the mourning will be great.

No matter how high you are, how untouchable you seem,
God will know and judge, this is a common theme.

Those who are in Christ need not fear that day.
We’re already judged in Christ, freed from sin that way.

Fear we need not have. There is no fear in love.
As we are controlled by the Savior, we have peace from above.

Love is not that we Love God, but that he first loved us.
His Son the propitiation, giving life at his own loss.

We were under divine wrath, but Christ’s propitiation became.
Took on himself, the wrath of God, made us holy in him the same.

We then will live in service, in love and thankfulness be.
The judgment, wrath of God, we surely will not see.

Repent, you must repent. To turn away from sin,
Accept the gift, the death of Christ, he need not die again.

In Joel chapter two verse twelve, God calls people to repent.
Fasting, weeping, mourning, our whole life to be rent.

For our God is gracious, compassionate and good,
slow to anger, with loving kindness, follow him we should.

Any good in us, is all from God alone.
If we’re trying by our own strength, we will stand alone.

Am I desperate for his leading, his work and his power?
I call out for mercy, seek for him every hour.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-09-07
Kevin Williamson
Psalm 131 (Series: Psalms)

If you say you’re humble, can it really be?
This “humble” is a clear conscience, before the Lord of guilt be free.

David’s brother said he’s proud, when he left the sheep came down.
He waited on the Lord instead of killing Saul for the crown.

Not involved in great matters, not seeking a position that he can gain.
When we look at politicians, sexual corruption often their fame.

Not looking at things too profound for him, thinking highly of his own thoughts.
David stays where God has put, not beyond where God says he ought.

Like a weaned baby prefers food, over mother’s breast.
We need to be weaned from the world, and have peace and in God rest.

The work of weaning from the world, needs the work of the Word and Spirit.
How do we get weaned from the world, when we are living in it?

Seven steps to wean, from the Word this is what to do.
(1) Step one, be humble, depend on him, he’s faithful, this is true.

(2) Don’t aim too high, just walk with God, Don’t strive for all the world.
(3) Hunger for the word of God, Delight in what you’ve heard.

(4) Read God’s word consistently, precept, precept, grow.
This will calm and instruct us, as the Word of God we know.

(5) Be still, and know that God is God, Above him is no other.
(6) Pray and make requests of God, let his peace our lives to cover.

(7) Visit a cemetery, in the house of mourning know our end.
The people had their struggles in life, all that matters is where death did send.

At the end of the day, hope in the Lord, from now forever more.
Rest in God, seek his face, forever him adore.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-11
Sunday School – Chris Pierre
Genesis 49

Genesis in chunks, divided by the people.
The final has been “Jacob”, and the promises to Abram’s people.

The Abrahamic covenant, unconditional and unilateral.
Blessings of the land and nations and for all God’s people.

The father’s final words, looking at the setting.
In the Land of Goshen, on the promised land is betting.

The setting, chronological, when Joseph has returned.
Now sharing his last words, from all that he has learned.

The summons of Jacob’s final words, the calling of the sons.
With this call from an authority, everybody runs.

This is a group event, not time alone, a private blessing.
Everyone was there to hear, not one of them was missing.

The speech of Jacob’s final words, telling of the days to come.
Jacob, a prophet, tells the words that from God to him have come.

Two types of future prophecy: fulfilled and not yet done.
The fulfillment now completed, not in the last days to come.

This word of prophecy, also a word of blessings.
Some “blessings” seem a little strange, the “feel good” often missing.

When God blesses with salvation, it often starts with pain.
As we see our sin, and darkness, and break and repent again.

The blessing: they’re in the family, they are known by God.
Though hardships come, God is there, their lives are not slipshod.

Reuben: the firstborn, felled in his flesh, as God arranged
Son of Leah, the unloved, this having Reuben did not change.

The double portion of the first born, already to Joseph given.
His preeminence removed, in the flesh and for sex he had been livin’.

True blessing from God, gives life, reveals our sin.
Everyone already knew, he has slept with Bilhah, to make Leah like a wife again.

At the time of Reuben’s sin, this act had been ignored.
By bringing his sin to light, what has been hidden was restored.

Though the sin would bring difficulties, you are still my son.
The blessings given to Abraham, to you have just begun.

Chronicles 5:1-3, birthright from Reuben to Joseph passed.
Judah became leader. Reuben’s descendants unstable at the last.

In the history of Israel, not one important person came
no king, prophet, leader, they all wishy washy all the same.

No matter what our sin, our defiled minds and hearts
God calls his children his, and the work of redemption starts.

Don’t look down on Reuben, his sins and weakness see.
We too like him, have depth of sin, only Christ can set us free.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-11
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:1-6 (v. 6)

Not of this world, as called by Christ, we will suffer in this life.
Run with endurance the race before, with joy in all the trial and strife.

The world rejects, don’t set sights there.
Keep eyes on Christ and on his care.

We do God’s will, we’ll suffer much.
Do the Lord’s will, even in the crunch.

We will suffer the rejection of men,
They’re shocked we don’t follow our lusts again.

Necessary is our rejection in this world,
That from it’s binds we can be unfurled.

Explain/Apply these difficult texts.
Let’s start with Greek, on the words the truth rests.

Peter contrasts these two groups, unrepentant with believers too.
Live for the world, then give account. We’re judged by the world, when we live what’s true.

To world and self, we need to die,
to live for God, when life’s gone by.

“Preached to the dead”, what does this mean?
Spiritual? Physical? What does it seem?

To “Physically dead”, most do agree.
Heard, believed, now Christ do see.

Two purposes why the gospel preached.
Some to be judged, some hearts to be reached.

Those dead and gone, judged in the flesh.
Now with their Savior, they are blessed.

When you walk with God, the Gospel live,
Against the world, judgment will give.

We belong to him, live for his way.
Nothing to hide, fear, prove. Walk with him each day.

Live eternally or eternally judged.
God of the living, to eternal life he’s nudged.

The eternal value of the Gospel preached.
Glory, eternal, worth all to be reached.

The praise of the world, meaningless, all pass away.
What is the profit at the end of the day?

Eternity, we cannot grasp.
Heaven/Hell eternally last.

If we could know what this would mean.
We’d live all for him, not what is seen.

Two people’s hearts may seem the same.
In sacrifice we test their claim.

What are we willing to sacrifice?
Give all for God. Dead to what the world says is nice.

Content in loss of all we have,
Reputation, Health, and all our stuff.

Men’s praise or not, we do not care.
We walk with Christ, he’ll with us share.

Whoa to you, when men all speak
well of you, and your praise seek.

Seek the Lord, have no other care
He’ll provide our needs, his provision share.

The spiritual glory of the gospel know.
Under judgment we’ll never go.

Our God and King, our Shepherd Lord.
We know him, love him, he’ll be adored.

Our heart overflows with Love for God.
Delight in him his joy and his rod.

His yolk is easy, burden light.
Not hard drudgery, when we walk by his might.

When in his presence, we are free.
The joy beyond all that we can see.

The things of earth all fade away,
When we stand in his presence, that glorious day!

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-09-14
Daniel Pierre

Psalm 132 (Series: Psalms)

Familiar themes in Psalm One Thirty-two,
The Davidic Covenant, and Messiah too.

In Second Samuel Seven, David wants to build God a house,
God in turn promises to build David’s house.

Is this about Solomon? Is it about Christ?
To both it is “Yes”. God works it all out in his might.

David overwhelmed by the promises God made.
He points back to God and his glory and his shade

“Remember, Oh Lord, on Davids behalf”
Like Noah said then when people teased him and his “raft.”

Approaching the Lord should not be casually done
We approach him with reverence, not in jest or just for fun.

Israel had been waiting, to know where God would dwell.
David is urgent, to know where God would tell.

The place of the temple, God used David’s sin.
To number the people, and choose how God would discipline.

God stopped the plague, David set up an altar.
That, the place of the temple, God’s plans did not falter.

All through David’s reign he prepared for the day,
the spoil of the nations he set aside for the temple to be made.

How do we serve the Lord, in all we need to do?
Does he have all my time, heart and actions too?

Peace after righteousness always will follow
God gave them his sacrifice, on their own they were shallow.

When we see our sin in it’s depth and might,
we may live in fear, without grace, it’s a fight.

“The Lord has sworn to David” God is in control.
His promises are sure. Him alone we’ll extoll.

If your descendants obey, on the throne they will sit.
They didn’t obey, so their throne it was ripped.

The Messiah is coming, bringing the promise to life
The true Son of David, the Horn is the Light.

His people are priests. His enemies will fall.
The promise expanded to his children one and all.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-18
Sunday School – Chris Pierre
Genesis 49:5-7

When God’s children sin, we are children still.
When Reuben sinned, though through consequences, a son by God’s will.

Simeon and Levi, brothers united in rage
in opposition against their father. This background sets the stage.

These brothers were close, they had brotherly unity.
Simeon the son of Leah, she hoped Jacob would now see.

Levi now the third son, of Leah the unloved.
“Levi” means attached, hoping now by Jacob to not be shoved.

Simeon and Levi, swords of violence they did use.
In Genesis 34, rape, trickery, and murder to abuse.

Each brother took his sword, and snuck into the city.
They killed each and every male, on these men they took no pity.

The brothers all then joined the looting, taking all they had.
Wealth, flocks, wives and children and their idols made Jacob mad.

This sin would have great consequence, as Jacob pointed out.
As the other peoples around them, would learn and give a shout.

These brothers were united in their motivation: rage.
Jacob’s curse upon their anger, not on the men at this stage.

James wisely reminds us, be quick to listen, slow to speak,
slow to anger in our hearts as humility and patience we do seek.

God’s anger it is perfect, his justice just and right.
Man’s anger it is violent, devious and looking for a fight.

The rage of man is evidence of their rejection of God.
Psalm 2 shows people united in rage, taking up their own rod.

They think they’re bringing justice, that they’re doing what is right.
But their rage in their own strength, with God sets up a fight.

Jacob despised the brothers deception and the death it brought
Their actions didn’t bring peace and blessing, revenge the nations sought.

The fathers heart declares the separation from the hearts of his sons.
They followed self fulfillment, not after God’s glory run.

God narrowing the path, pointing to Messiah.
The oldest three all aside, all considered a pariah.

When bad things happen to me, When I want to repay
Do I act in my own strength and sin, or trust him and obey?

They thought this act would give them strength, the warriors of Israel.
Instead they both were scattered, their own land did not fill.

When dividing up the land, Simeon in the midst of Judah placed
Likewise Levi given cities, His land harder to trace.

Simeon’s land was barren, and they largely disappeared
Levi supported by the others, but in the end God called him near.

Levi’s curse reversed, it then became a blessing.
When Moses destroyed the calf, all the Levites came to him rushing.

The Levites this time used their swords for God’s will
They stood against their brothers, who with idols did evil.

The Levites sanctified, became holy to the Lord.
Their zealousness to turn to God, became keepers of his Word

The wrath of man deceitful, leading to a curse.
Trust Jesus as the Judge, his ways the best, while ours the worst.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-18
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:7-11 (7)

Christ unique as a man, Delighted in God’s will.
As we are called, submit to Christ, with his Spirit he does fill.

We follow Christ in his purpose, to do the will of God.
Follow Christ in his rejection, rejected by the world.

Follow Christ in his obedience, in first Peter four: seven
Two commands are given here, be of sound judgment and sober spirit.

Then in seven through eleven, to be sober, love and serve all for the glory of God.
This is the reason for everything, all else is vain, foolish and slipshod.

To live a life of sobriety. This does not mean being a killjoy.
Sobriety is serious minded, but filled with life and joy.

A life of sobriety lived with an eternal perspective.
This results in a life of temperance, self control and for him to live.

Temperance leads to a life of prayer, from these a life of love.
These finely lead to our ultimate life, the Glory of God above.

All things in life come to an end, the sermon, day, week, year.
Every story, every wait, our life, history and fear.

The age of man’s rebellion is coming to an end.
The consummation, return of Christ, his glory he will send.

Psalm one and two introduce the Bible in its whole.
All of history reflected here, all life and all our soul,

The nations conspire against the Lord, hating law, family, gender.
Anything that reflects his hand, they want to burst and be a bender.

The final chain they can’t burst off, though they surely try.
The end of life, when all is past, the day will come they die.

The end of all when God puts his King on his holy hill.
Satan tried to take and steal, to bend history to his will.

The ten toes of the time of Daniel, the ten kings of the earth
The rock of Christ will shatter, give the earth new birth.

Revelation coming, showing the coming wrath of God.
The reaping of the earth. God reigning with a firm rod.

Judgment / Rewards are coming. God sitting on his holy hill.
The end is certainly coming. All history will be fulfilled.

This end is final, comprehensive. Christ could come today.
The end is near, Christ is enthroned, he could be on his way.

The time is near, it is at hand, our lives they will not last.
Comparing to eternity, this time is going fast.

How should we behave, in light of this sobering truth?
Live for Christ, viewing eternity, living with temperance and the truth.

“Sound judgment”, “Sober spirit”, our mind, life, what we do?
Christ took the demoniac and gave him a sound mind to know the truth.

The world is foaming at the mouth, against all that’s good and right.
We need to fill our mind with his word, on him to set our sight.

We like to see how big we are. We need to see we’re small.
Why God chose to come and save us? He’s great over all.

Sober minded in our hope, First Peter one: thirteen
Fix our hope completely on his grace, when he comes to be seen.

Live every day as if our last. Live fully for his will.
Set our hope on his return, we’ll give account, before him be still.

Be sober, abstain from wine. Stand firm and don’t be bent.
Don’t be drunk for this world, what we do, go, buy and rent.

Live in moderation, what we eat, drink, sleep and own.
Not by our recreation, pleasure we’ll give account of the seeds that were sown.

Enemies of the cross of Christ. God is: eat and own and do.
We wait for our great king, on the end, to keep our view.

Known by lives of self control, for his Glory not for ours.
Living a life of prayer, not self-indulgence at all hours.

If living for the flesh, you will find it hard to pray.
But this life of prayer is necessary, to walk with him each day.

Seeking the will of God, Who He wants us to be.
We need to be in prayer, only in this way to see.

Do you want to live for God? Become a man of prayer?
This quality is powerful, though also very rare.

The opposite of the world: a life that’s known by prayer.
Dependent on him alone, like a child to come and share.

Next week we’ll look at the result. A life that’s full of love.
Loving brother, sister, a love from God above.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-09-19
Cary Michalak
Genesis to Malachi

Don’t go to seminary and lose your faith.
Facts are good, Heart is great.

Israel many inventions has, Immigrants more per capita than any land.
The Holy Land, small and quite obscure, but great things come from this small, rugged band.

God chose Israel, his people to be
Jesus Messiah, from them, to set the world free

Israel’s part in God’s plan matters to believers today. [AIM]
This is true, no matter what men may say.

God reveals himself in two ways: General, Creation, and Special, the Son.
God’s special was varied, to the people and prophets he knew each one.

God doesn’t just want us to know figures and facts,
But to know him in person and to see his loving acts.

The Bible is God’s filter for our minds he has given.
It’s the way we can know, and be open with him living.

God reveals himself so we can know him. [Principle 1]
But why choose Israel if he knew we would fail him.

Why not just send, Jesus straight out?
It’s a continual story, of restoration, no doubt.

Why people? Why Israel? Why you and me?
When we sinned and rebelled, why not just cut us free?

God made a way, to bring us all back.
Promised to crush the head of the serpent’s attack.

God in his grace chose Noah, Abraham, Moses.
Through Israel to all bring the gospel. Let them all know this.

Those of faith, of all Abraham’s sons.
Blessed by God, through them, his purpose still runs.

How did God bring it? Through Israel come?
A Savior, new Israel, God’s one true son.

Jesus repeated Israel’s time.
Egypt, wilderness, tempted, He came out just fine.

Jesus fulfilled, obeyed God all the way.
He came to bring grace, not just law to obey.

Why the law? What’s the purpose? Why did God send?
To point to our sin. Our knees in repentance to bend.

On our own we’re unable to trust and obey.
The law shows us God and our weakness each day.

The Law cannot save us. Only Christ can.
He sent us a Savior, Christ the perfect God-man.

The church continues the mission, though doesn’t replace.
We’re not seen by our blood line, but the blood on his face.

The church to point to him, to know and obey.
Our purpose in life to yield and to worship each day.

Other purposes lacking, they always fall short.
They can distract us, but in the end fall apart.

As we know him and follow, he redeems us from sin.
God redeems the world so we can be with him. [Principle 2]

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-09-21
Dean Good
Psalm 133 (Series: Psalms)

Five points about unity, in Psalm one thirty three.
Unity among brothers is truly rare to see.

Families see each other’s sin and start to annoy.
For example Joseph sold as a slave, by his brothers when he was a boy.

David, the author, had no peace. His home a constant battle.
His brothers and sons against each other, the peace would often rattle.

Unity among brethren through rare, it is good.
And pleasant it always is, when lived the way it should.

Unity is fragrant, like a fire or perfume.
The oil is holy to sanctify me and you.

The world sees this unity and is attracted.
It’s a joy to see how the brethren reacted.

The unity is refreshing, breathing life like the dew.
In dry and arid places where rains are very few.

Unity among brethren it is all divine.
The blessing of God, in him we only find.

Only in God is true unity to be found.
As man dwells with God, in him is our faith ground.

When with God we live, him working in us
Unity is found, this truth is a must.

When we all do live, only for ourselves.
With division and strife, we all are to dwell.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday School, 2022-09-25
Chris Pierre
Genesis 49

A father’s final blessing in verses one and two.
Looking at the acts of God, foretelling what he’ll do.

Addressing the good things, and the bad things too.
Exposing and forgiving sin, God’s chosen will hold through.

Judah the fourth brother, in verses eight to twelve.
Judah will lead his brothers, they will all bow down.

Judah’s leadership is future, the coming not quite yet.
Reuben’s double blessing to Joseph, and the birthright Judah was to get.

Judah’s leadership was spoken, his brothers would confess.
Judah’s name means “praise”, his brothers in agreement would say “yes.”

Judah led his brothers from killing Joseph, he spoke, his brothers did.
He confessed his sin with Tamar, and spoke up when Joseph’s cup with Benjamin hid.

Judah’s words were backed with action, their tribe the first to move.
Judah and his descendants, had leadership that was true.

Judah’s name was adapted by all the brothers, as they are now called the “Jews”.
“Judea” the land of Israel, his name they all did choose.

Judah the conquering lion, pictured, proven, present too.
He is the conquering lion, dangerous to all who oppose what’s true.

David came from Judah. Their enemies he did defeat.
The Lion of Judah coming later, in Revelation five again we’ll meet.

The Lion of the tribe of Judah, worthy to open the scroll.
The stem and root of Jesse, all history he controls.

Judah the Ruling King, holds the scepter and the staff.
The ruling King forever, his kingship it would last.

Judah the king eternal… until Shiloh comes
All people will obey this king, the one who overcomes.

Judah the Blessed One, the coming Messiah King
The final scrolls belong to him, He did the kingdom bring.

His foal tied to the grape vine. He the grapes would eat.
The kingdom of Messiah, has abundance at his feet.

Washing clothes in wine, abundance and conquering King.
He will harvest the earth. Judgment will from him ring.

Clothed with a blood dripped robe, treading the winepress of God.
God has ultimate vengeance, judgment finally coming with his rod.

“His eyes are dull with wine”, abundance in provision
“His teeth are white from milk”, peace in all his vision.

The king came to his own, born in Bethlehem.
Romans destroyed Jewish records, the tribe of Judah can’t be proven again.

These words they are all written, that we may know believe.
Jesus, the Lion of Judah, for salvation to receive.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Sunday, 2022-09-25
Pastor Dean Good
1 Peter 4:7-11

Jesus Christ the obedient Son,
only he is the righteous, obedient one.

We like him to be serious, joyful, sober,
Walk with him till life is over.

Walk in love, it brings all together in right
“Love” hard to define, “agape” means esteem, delight

Love to God, to men, to a food
We use and abuse it, though it is good.

“Love: to consider others higher than self.
Longsuffering, kind, putting others before myself.

True love is supernatural, not based on ourselves.
From the Holy Spirit, when with us, he does dwell.

Love is primary, focused, ardent, merciful, practical.
Do all in love for the glory of God, this our spirit can tell.

Expressing love to all those I meet, speak and do, what and how,
Not to just accomplish my plan, but to esteem others now.

A child barges in just looking for attention.
Treat with patient love, with love to the child mention.

Don’t yell, or shout at others mistakes.
This is the patience that true love takes.

Love over project, plans, expectations.
How do I treat people? What are the consequences?

Love our neighbor, long or short.
How we respond shows our heart.

Love our enemies, bless those who curse.
Concerned for them, not wishing them worse.

Love your brother, a fellow believer.
This is how we are known, How God did deliver.

If we are a Christian, we have love.
Keep it fervent, stretched out from above.

Love doesn’t just talk, Love truly loves.
Not by your effort, that you can do
God truly loves, he does it in you.

Love has eternal perspective, only by God’s strength.
He fills us with his Spirit, for eternal length.

We give to our children, how much more he to us?
The kingdom of heaven, we need to ask and to trust.

When he does it we know, how foolish, angry we are.
We need to ask him, for his glory and power.

Love it is merciful, covers over all sins.
Not ignoring or hiding, but let healing begin.

The wicked often love to expose others sin.
Discuss, amplify and then do it again.

Christ covers our sin, we don’t need to live in shame.
As we cover others sins, we are doing the same.

God has mercy on us, and we can pray for others.
We want mercy for all, to call them sisters and brothers.

Revenge, vengeance excluded, God will make all things right.
We are looking to love, not given to fight.

Hatred wants to divide, to gossip and share.
Of our tendency to hate, we need to be aware.

Do I talk about others sins and mention their wrongs?
This is not love, if it’s what our heart truly longs.

If we don’t forgive, Christ will do likewise to us.
Our sin it is deep, in his forgiveness we trust.

The way we love, he will love us, too.
Am I patient/impatient, harsh/merciful, what do I do?

Elders, looking to give, to help, invite over.
Christians together in the world, from his love , carry-over.

Bible Study Fellowship – Monday, 2022-09-26
Cary Michalak
1 Kings 11–14; 2 Chronicles 10–12

Defense of sin: no harm is done
Solomon went after other gods. He just wanted fun.

God says he’ll take the kingdom away.
Ten to another, two will stay.

Solomon wise, rich and blessed,
but no human ruler can bring true rest.

Our society feels that we can do it.
Education, laws and we’ll see fruit.

Rehoboam looks for advice,
how to treat them harsh or nice.

Jeroboam raises up false gods to worship.
But God’s in control, and has full Lordship.

God raised up adversaries, brought death and loss.
The consequences of sin continued and brought dross.

Adams sin, and David’s too
Solomon’s sin brought damage to the people, it’s true.

Sin causes damage and leads to division (Principle 1)
Jeroboam doesn’t believe God’s promise to use him.

Jeroboam keeps the people from to Jerusalem going.
Saying too much trouble, the inconvenience showing.

Sets up gold calves closer by
Gives a new way for the people to try.

Aaron made this same attempt.
Worship this way, not at God’s tent.

Do we seek convenience as well?
To make worship easy… Does this lead to hell?

Is online worship true worship today?
The Bible shows people together to pray.

Worshiping God within our plans
The Israelites didn’t reject Jeroboam’s ban.

Make it easy, get it done.
Check the box and make it fun.

The impact of sin goes far, deep and wide.
The huge consequences will not always hide.

We don’t know how far it will go.
Do the sins of your parents and friends now show?

God uses sin for his purposes, great.
But sin we are still to greatly hate.

Sin brought Jeroboam’s destruction and end.
The prophet came, this message to send.

The prophet then deceived himself.
Stopped to eat and rest himself.

For his sin he was punished, though deceived.
We need to follow God and his Word receive.

Follow God, not any man.
Don’t make excuses, as we always can.

False teachers will come, saying nice words.
We need to follow what from the Word we have heard.

Jeroboam knew but turned away.
How often do we do the same each day?

Our feelings, desires, we follow and go.
Our actions reveal our heart to show.

We often put up a fake an act.
God knows our hearts, that our faith has lack.

God will not be mocked, ignored, pushed aside.
He’s come to us, with us to abide.

We will reap what we have sewn.
To God the truth will all be known.

Want distraction, pick up a phone.
It all comes back, for sin to atone.

Sin’s destruction escalates when God’s grace is refused. (Principle 2)
Lord, help me to repent, not ignore and refuse.

Grace Church of North Olmsted – Wednesday, 2022-09-28
Daniel Pierre
Psalm 135 (Series: Psalms)

Praise the Lord, why and how
God’s creation and works given now.

Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise, five times to start
our response to his presence to praise from the heart.

We’re now corrupt, seek our own praise.
Our own character and works to raise.

Draw near to God, it’s a big deal.
a privilege to responsibility, keep it real.

Worship done as God has said,
In truth and life, in love not dread.

Praise the Lord, Praise his name.
“I am” is who he is, his fame.

Servants/Slaves praise him too.
Now called christian/friends it’s true.

He is lovely, our desire one
We long to worship God the Son.

God has chosen, he elects.
Not for our strength, does he select.

Salvation to the Lord belongs.
All souls created and to him belong,
let us now all sing his song.

God is good and he is great.
His ways over, greater we can’t relate.

God is sovereign over all. From history to molecules.
All knowing, all powerful, His will it never stalls.

God has judgment. He has wrath.
He owns each soul and determines each path.

God is irresistible: all nations, all people will know.
God is generous and compassionate: all his good works will show.

God is faithful, everlasting, the only eternal being.
Changless, worthy of our praise. His attributes we sing.

The idols, made of metal, mute, cannot see, hear, say.
Those who trust and follow them will be like them at the end of the day.

Deaf, dead can’t follow God
God’s servants will upon them trod.

Bless the Lord all who revere, bless the Lord from Zion.
God included you and me, to worship the heavenly Lion.

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Rhyming Sermon Notes: BSF Week 1 “Genesis – Malachi”

We had the first regular study this week for People of the Promised Land 2, which will be studying from the time of Solomon through the prophets, until the end of the Hebrew (Old) testament. The study for this week was more of an introduction and overview study to get things going.

The way BSF structures the study has four parts:

  1. Study on your own during the week, to focus first on the Bible, with questions to guide your study.
  2. Discuss the passages and questions with others who have also been studying.
  3. Listen to a lecture to bring together the passage(s) from the week.
  4. Read notes (like a commentary) on the passages from the week.

Repeat as we work our way through the Biblical book or books that we are studying that year (30 weeks).

For more about BSF or to find a group near you, go to www.bsfinternational.org.

The following are my notes from the first week. They are set to rhyme to help me pay attention and process while listening to the lecture, and to make for a fun review later and to share with my family.

2022/09/19  BSF Week 1 – Cary Michalak – Genesis – Malachi

Don’t go to seminary and lose your faith.
Facts are good, Heart is great.

Israel many inventions has, Immigrants more per capita than any land.
The Holy Land, small and quite obscure, but great things come from this small, rugged band.

God chose Israel, his people to be
Jesus Messiah, from them, to set the world free

Israel’s part in God’s plan matters to believers today. [AIM]
This is true, no matter what men may say.

God reveals himself in two ways: General, Creation, and Special, the Son.
God’s special was varied, to the people and prophets he knew each one.

God doesn’t just want us to know figures and facts,
But to know him in person and to see his loving acts.

The Bible is God’s filter for our minds he has given.
It’s the way we can know, and be open with him living.

God reveals himself so we can know him. [Principle 1]
But why choose Israel if he knew we would fail him.

Why not just send, Jesus straight out?
It’s a continual story, of restoration, no doubt.

Why people? Why Israel? Why you and me?
When we sinned and rebelled, why not just cut us free?

God made a way, to bring us all back.
Promised to crush the head of the serpent’s attack.

God in his grace chose Noah, Abraham, Moses.
Through Israel to all bring the gospel. Let them all know this.

Those of faith, of all Abraham’s sons.
Blessed by God, through them, his purpose still runs.

How did God bring it? Through Israel come?
A Savior, new Israel, God’s one true son.

Jesus repeated Israel’s time.
Egypt, wilderness, tempted, He came out just fine.

Jesus fulfilled, obeyed God all the way.
He came to bring grace, not just law to obey.

Why the law? What’s the purpose? Why did God send?
To point to our sin. Our knees in repentance to bend.

On our own we’re unable to trust and obey.
The law shows us God and our weakness each day.

The Law cannot save us. Only Christ can.
He sent us a Savior, Christ the perfect God-man.

The church continues the mission, though doesn’t replace.
We’re not seen by our blood line, but the blood on his face.

The church to point to him, to know and obey.
Our purpose in life to yield and to worship each day.

Other purposes lacking, they always fall short.
They can distract us, but in the end fall apart.

As we know him and follow, he redeems us from sin.
God redeems the world so we can be with him. [Principle 2]

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September & October Yearly Free Family Events (Cleveland, OH)

It has been a year since we began our look at the Free Family Events in the Cleveland area.

We are now going to begin writing about new areas of God’s creation and provision, while continuing to post events that repeat yearly. We will also fill in some details about specific featured events.

Feel free to add specific events in the comments area below.

Also visit our original posts for September and October events, for more ideas of events.

Featured Event

  • The Cleveland Air Show
    • The Cleveland Air Show is on Labor Day weekend. We have been going for a few years and this year we found the perfect locations to park and watch the show.
      • We parked across from the “Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities” and “WKYC-TV” ($3)
      • We then walked directly across the street to a little gate between these two buildings. This location is directly behind the airport and you can easily see the show in a nice, shaded, area. If you desire you can go behind the WKYC building for a better view. (We didn’t do this since we have young children and didn’t want them to roll down the hill. :o)
      • Before the military formation fliers come (This year it was the Air Force Thunderbirds), you can walk down to Voinovich Bicentennial Park, where the planes will fly right over your head (loud!) and you can even see the pilots as they whip by.

New Discoveries of the month

  • Rockefeller Park & Greenhouse
    • For a warm forest walk in the winter (in Cleveland), to see how banana’s grow, to enjoy a garden for the blind and much more, the Rockefeller Park & Greenhouse is a wonderful free destination.
    • It is also on the path of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens near University Circle.
  • Baldwin Wallace University Cafeteria
    • The Cafeteria is located in the Student Union.
    • For non-students paying to eat, it is $6 for breakfast, $8 for lunch and $10 for dinner (no tip or tax). It is all buffet style and the food choices change daily. There are a variety of areas featuring different types of food. (For dinner, you can also fill a good size box for $8 instead of the buffet. I’m not sure about the other meals.)
    • The hours are:
      • Breakfast: Monday-Friday 7-10:30 a.m.; Saturday and Sunday 8-10:30 a.m.
      • Lunch: Monday-Sunday 11 a.m. -3:30 p.m.
        • For lunch some things may close down at around 2pm, but there is still lots to choose from.
      • Dinner: Monday-Sunday 4-8 p.m.
    • For a fun, college atmosphere, good food made fresh, decent prices, this is a nice place to visit.
    • For those with children: We had a hard time being there with our 17 month old as he wanted to get into everything and there are no high chairs. Until he is older, we will use this more as a place for date times and perhaps individual times with our older boys.

September & October Yearly Events (The same or a similar event often happens at this time each year)

Ongoing Events (Some may have different schedules this month. Call to confirm.)

Weekly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month. Call to confirm.)

Monthly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month. Call to confirm.)

August Free Family Events (Cleveland, OH)

Tomorrow is the last day of the summer session at Tri-C. It has been a wonderful group of students, and while I am excited for the break, I will miss seeing them. They invested their summer and worked hard with a positive attitude. This is a reminder to me and to all of us. Don’t take a break from learning and growing.

This learning and growing can take the form of learning something new, developing a new habit, taking a class, etc. Or it can look more like taking a step out of the busyness of life to reflect, to see where life is heading and what needs to change, to seek God, his face and his ways. What is important and being missed in the speed of life?

For active learning, one resource we recently discovered is through the Cuyahoga library. They offer free resources, classes and online classes. One that we have been using is Creativebug. (Click here for resources that are free with your library card.)

Other hobbies and skills that have been brewing in our family recently are balloon twisting and playing the recorder.

How about you? What are you learning? How are you growing? Do you need to take some time to step back and look at your life and direction?

Here are some events for this month that may inspire you to continue to learn and grow.

August Events

Other events that are not specific to this month

Ongoing Events (Some may have different schedules this month. Call to confirm.)


Weekly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month. Call to confirm.)

Monthly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month. Call to confirm.)

May Free Family Events (Cleveland, OH)


Just get outside or look out the window and you will see the yearly celebration of life. Today we planted a new apple tree. All winter we saw the one we plated last year. It looked small and dead, yet we knew it was alive. It was just doing what God made it to do, and now it is alive with green… though flowers and apples require another few years of waiting.

We can enjoy the beauty of a sunny, snowy day because we know, it’s all still alive, it just is taking a break to allow the artistry of winter.

The animals are tucked away… yet there is life.

The birds eggs (and the bugs) have not yet hatched… yet there is life.

Take this month to just celebrate LIFE!

We aren’t listing as many events… they aren’t needed!

The parks are alive, inviting us to come and explore.

The stars are sparkling, inviting us to stay up just a bit later.

Slow down a bit, get your family together, and just enjoy LIFE!

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Psalm 139:13-16

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun. It is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, like a champion rejoicing to run his course. It rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is deprived of its warmth.” Psalm 19:1-6

May Events

Other events that are not specific to this month

Ongoing Events (Some may have different schedules this month)


Weekly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

Monthly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

April Free Family Events (Cleveland, OH)

Christ Jesus, Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death— even death on a cross!

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:5-11, NIV)

Christmas is a wonderful and amazing holiday. The Creator, God of the Universe willingly taking on flesh and living as a man (including the suffering)… Astonishing. But the culmination of that event is found in Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday (Easter).

God the Son, Jesus, taking the sin of his people onto himself and dying for our sin. God the Father, for the first (and last) time in all of eternity turns his face away. Jesus has taken the filth of his people… onto himself!…. (my mouth hangs open… no words).

Death! He is dead. He is pierced. His is lifeless on the cross. He is buried….

ALIVE! He is alive. He had beaten death, paid the price for sin, and is alive!

To read this in the biographies of Jesus is one thing, but to read it written of apx. 500 years before… Hmmmm…. Take some time to read Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12. Read and reflect on the love and mercy and grace of the risen LORD!

That is THEE event this month, this year and since the creation of the world. Don’t miss it. Don’t dilute it. This is THEE event… let it echo in our hearts and in our lives.

With that said, here are a few other events this month. :o) See where you can see him shining through these events as well.

April Events

Other events that are not specific to this month

Ongoing Events (Some may have different schedules this month)


Weekly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

Monthly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

February Free Family Events (Cleveland, OH)

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Chinese New Year is on the lunar calendar so moves around a bit on the western calendar (similar to Easter).

Thousands of years of celebrating a holiday can develop quite a few traditions, and the traditions do make the holiday something to look forward to and help with remembering the holiday and creating a feeling around the holiday. However, these same traditions can just become things to do.

This is true not only of the Chinese New Year, but of all areas of our life.

This month is also the month of love and Valentines day. If you celebrate this holiday, is it with excitement to express your appreciation for one you love, or is it to meet the social expectation of the holiday?

Do the traditions of Christmas & Resurrection Sunday (Easter) point you more firmly to Christ… or are they meaningless (though possibly fun) activities that take your time and focus away from Christ?

Traditions can be great reminders, but our family is constantly reminded that we need to remember what is important and why and use the traditions to keep us focused.

Whether you recognize Chinese New Year, or Valentines Day, or Groundhog Day or the Super Bowl…we need to remember that everything, every blessing, all love, the seasons, and our abilities all come from Christ and are for him alone.

With that said, here are some events that can just be events… or they can be meaningful times to focus on God and His creation. Enjoy!


  • Our post for January had some great events that are continuing through the winter. This post will focus on new activities for February.
  • The events listed here will reflect the ages of our children and our location in the South/West Suburbs. This is not an exhaustive list of events in the area.
  • Some events need registration (usually free), others are drop in events. Be sure to check the weblinks to get the details.

February Events

Other events that are not specific to this month

Ongoing Events (Some may have different schedules this month)


Weekly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

Monthly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

December Free Family Events (Cleveland, OH)

Merry Christmas!!!

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

As we enjoy the spirit of Christmas, the lights, the family, the gifts and the music, I pray that we will once again remember the true Spirit of Christmas, Jesus the eternal Creator and Sustainer of all things, entering into His creation, not in power in might, but as a baby. He is the light of the world, bringing the light of life. He is the one who provides the way for us, sinful people, to be part of the family of our holy God! He is the ultimate gift, come not just as a baby (that didn’t last long, as all babies grow quickly), but as the Lamb of God, come to be the final sacrifice, to pay for our sins! And the one of whom every song should be sung, to the praise of his glory!

CHRISTmas… the Lord has come!

As you celebrate Christmas, remember to be still and appreciate what he has done. As you attend events, may this child, who would become our Savior and King, be at the front of you mind, words and actions.

Here are a sampling of some of the events and opportunities around the Cleveland area, may they point you to the King born in a manger.

Ongoing Events (Some may have different schedules this month)


Weekly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

Monthly Recurring Events (Some may have different schedules this month)

December Events

The events marked “Free RSVP” do require advance registration, which may fill up quickly. Be sure to check whether the registration is still open before you plan your trip.

Enjoy your December as you celebrate the coming of the King, our risen Lord Jesus!